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Sadly I doubt these victims will ever be identified. In an interview Gacy said he never killed anyone. After they found 29 bodies in his crawlspace. He had 2 of his workers dig holes down there for him. He told them it was for pipes. He was credited with 33 murders. After 29 he ran out of room and disposed of others under concrete and the Des Plaines river. He stated that 45 sounded like a good number for his number of victims. So I believe there are more we don't know about. This information is from a documentary on Peacock about him.
The DNA Doe Project is currently working on identifying "Body 5" through genetic genealogy. Hopefully they will take on the other victims as well.

The DNA Doe Project is currently working on identifying "Body 5" through genetic genealogy. Hopefully they will take on the other victims as well.

I really hope so. I wish they could identify all of them. It's been over 40 yrs. Gacy's been dead since 1994 and he wasn't going to be of help anyway. "A clown can get away with murder"- John Wayne Gacy
The DNA Doe Project has done another identification! I can't say how much I love this organization!

Status: Identified

On October 25, 2021 the DNA Doe Project (DDP), in conjunction with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Chicago, Illinois, announced the identification of a previously unnamed victim of the executed sexual predator and serial killer John Wayne Gacy as Francis Wayne AlexandDiscovered on December 26, 1978, at the Norwood Park residence of his killer, Alexander’s remains were one of six victims who had previously been unidentified. The date of death was placed between 1972 and 1978, but most likely between early 1976 and March 15, 1977 based on the location of the remains and information learned during the investigation.

Francis Wayne Alexander

Francis Wayne Alexander
Photo courtesy of the family

In 2019 the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the DNA Doe Project began a collaboration to consider using investigative genetic genealogy to help resolve some of Cook County’s remaining unidentified victims. Gacy Victim Five was ultimately selected as a promising first case. An attached molar was submitted to Astrea Forensics in Santa Cruz, California, for DNA extraction. The sample was then delivered to HudsonAlpha Discovery in Huntsville, Alabama for Whole Genome Sequencing. Once sequencing was completed the file was sent to Saber Investigations for bioinformatics, whereupon the resulting DNA file was uploaded to GEDmatch. DNA matches in the second cousin range were found, enabling DDP’s team of volunteer genetic genealogists to construct family trees and identify Francis Wayne Alexander as a candidate for Gacy Victim #5.

DNA Doe Project CEO, Margaret Press, stated, “We sincerely thank Lt. Jason Moran and the Sheriff of Cook County Thomas J. Dart for entrusting this case to us. The advances in DNA technology and the expertise of the labs we chose, combined with the fact that a close relative had taken a DNA test, allowed our team of experienced investigative genetic genealogists to identify a candidate quickly. We are honored to have played a part in giving Francis Wayne Alexander his name back and return him to his loved ones. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family.”

DDP wishes to acknowledge the contributions of those groups and individuals who helped solve this case: Lt. Jason Moran and Sheriff Thomas J. Dart of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office; the Cook County Office of the Medical Examiner; Astrea Forensics for DNA extraction; HudsonAlpha Discovery for DNA sequencing; Kevin Lord of Saber Investigations for bioinformatics; GEDmatch for providing their database; our generous donors; and our extraordinary team of DDP investigative genetic genealogists.

Click here for more information about the search for the name of Gacy Victim Five.

Last Updated: October 25, 2021

I can't stand Motta. Sorry, jmo. Maybe the handful of times I watched him I caught the wrong show that really turned me off. He was totally not with it, out there and assuming a lot of sh*t and she was not there to temper him or help tone it. Not re Gacy though but another case.

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