Hogan's Heroes star BOB CRANE was murdered in Scottsdale, Arizona - 1978


BOB CRANE was found murdered in his Scottsdale apartment on June 29, 1978, his skull bashed in with a blunt object and an electrical cord around his neck. His death — and the sordid revelations that followed — stunned Hollywood, his fans and his family.

And though it's been 40 years, and though he now knows things that he wishes he didn't, hardly a day goes by that Bob Crane Jr. doesn't think about his father.

The one-time Los Angeles radio personality had only one hit television show, and it didn't even get a farewell episode because they didn't do them back then.

Bob Crane Jr. said there are a number of reasons why the public still craves information about his father. First, the show is still on TV. Its World War II setting makes it timeless, and it never really ages. And though the show was was canceled in 1971, has been in almost perpetual syndication ever since.

Crane had been starring in a production of a play called "Beginner's Luck" at the Windmill Dinner Theater in Scottsdale when he was killed. He was found bludgeoned to death with a cord around his neck by a co-star who had gone to Crane's apartment to work with him on some lines from the play.

The only suspect in the case, longtime friend John Carpenter, remained free for years before Scottsdale police were able to charge him. He finally came to trial in 1994, 16 years after the murder, but he was acquitted because of questions about the forensic evidence in the case.

<much much more at link> 'Hogan's Heroes' star Bob Crane was murdered 40 years ago. Why does it still fascinate us?
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This case has fascinated me for decades. I think it's because the show was so iconic and Bob seemed like such a "normal guy", but he had a darker side. Also, his wives seemed to take his "hobby" in stride for the most part. And did John Carpenter really kill him? He was acquitted, so who knows what happened?
I don't think anyone else killed him but John Carpenter. His fetish buddy. Bob had tried to cut all ties with him and he didn't take it well. I see no other kind of suspect with motive. Random, No. He was beaten to death with a readily available tripod, Poetic. It takes alot to beat someone to death. And based on the circumstances, I think it was overkill. That usually means anger for a personal reason.

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