TN GLADYS IDA CROMER: Missing from Crossville, TN - 17 May 1990 - Age 18


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Gladys Ida Cromer reportedly left with unknown subjects for a party on May 17, 1990 and never returned.

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Missing Age: 18 Years
Current Age: 48 Years
First Name: Gladys
Middle Name: Ida
Last Name: Cromer
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 7" - 5' 9" (67 - 69 Inches)
Weight: 125 - 130 lbs
Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Date of Last Contact: May 17, 1990
NamUs Case Created: June 5, 2015
Last Known Location Map
Location: Crossville, Tennessee
County: Cumberland County
Circumstances of Disappearance: MISSING PERS0N LEFT W/UNKN0WN SUBJECTS F0R A PARTY

Physical Description
Hair Color: Blond/Strawberry
Head Hair Description --
Body Hair Description --
Facial Hair Description --
Left Eye Color: Green
Right Eye Color: Green
Eye Description --

Distinctive Physical Features
Scar/mark: RIGHT EAR
Clothing and Accessories
Footwear: REEB0CK SH0ES

Investigating Agencies
Case Owner
Cumberland County Sheriff's Office: (931) 484-6176
David Hamby, Investigator
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Gladys Ida Cromer has been missing from Crossville, TN since May 17th 1990.

***This is the first time a picture of Gladys has been posted online so please take the time to share her story.***

Gladys was an 18 year old mother of a young daughter.

The Namus report for Gladys states that she was last seen leaving to attend a party with unknown individuals.

The last person known to see Gladys prior to her disappearance was her sister.

I could not find as much "solid" information on her case as I would have liked. I did however find many posts online speculating that she became a victim of two individuals the night of her disappearance. I obviously can not confirm nor can I deny that to be the truth. The only thing I can confirm is that Gladys was never seen by her loved ones again.

At the time of her disappearance Gladys was described as an 18 year old Caucasian Female. She was between 5' 7" and 5' 9" and her weight was estimated around 125 lbs. She had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

Gladys was last seen wearing jordache pants, a white tank top and reebok shoes.

Her Aunt spoke with me today about the last time she saw Gladys or Cricket as she called her. She recalls Gladys pulling into her driveway in a black vehicle in blacked out windows. She said that Gladys was decked out in all black and she looked very pretty. Gladys told her Aunt that she was with her boss and that she was going to work in Fairfield Glades. Her aunt never saw who was driving the car and has no knowledge as to if her boss was a male or female. This would have been a few months before Gladys vanished.

Over the years her family has prayed for answers as to what happened to Gladys. Her Aunt even wrote several news stations letters in hopes that they would show her picture on the news but she never heard back.

If you have any information that could help solve her case please reach out.

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