FL vs. Curtis Reeves (movie theater shooting) *NOT GUILTY*

I was just thinking about this case last week and meant to look it up. Opening statements are today.


Chad Oulson



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Prosecutor: Did you hear Mr. Oulson say something at that point?

Reeves: Yes.

Prosecutor: What did he say?

Reeves: Something to the effect of, "You told on me. Who the f," only he said the word, "do you think you are?"

Mrs. Reeves said her husband got up to alert the theater manager. While he was gone, she wanted to move seats, but didn’t, saying the whole encounter made her "uncomfortable."

"When my husband left, I was more ticked off that this was happening," she said.

Mrs. Reeves also said she did not know, at the time, if her husband had his gun with him that day.

"Based on my life experience with him, I assumed he carried a pistol, but I never saw it, I never asked we never talked about it," but she wasn’t thinking about whether he had a gun with him when they went to the theater or as the interaction between her husband and Oulson played out.

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