OK FAITH LINDSEY: Missing from Pauls Valley, OK - 29 Oct 2019 - Age 17

'It Just Wasn't Her': Okla. Teen Is Missing After Sister Received Misspelled Texts From Her Phone

Faith Lindsey, 17, of Pauls Valley, has been missing since early November
By KC Baker
November 25, 2019 04:39 PM

Faith Lindsey

Authorities are searching for an Oklahoma teen who’s been missing since early November.

On Nov. 4, the family of Faith Lindsey, 17, of Pauls Valley, reported her missing, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), local stations KXII, Oklahoma News 4 and The Shawnee News-Star report.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” her sister, Justice Lindsey, told Oklahoma News 4. “This isn’t like Faith at all.”

Lindsey was living with her boyfriend in Pauls Valley when she went missing, Justice told the station.

On Nov. 4, Lindsey’s boyfriend “texted me…saying that he can’t find her, she’s missing, freaking out,” Justice told News 4.

Shortly after, Justice started receiving texts from Faith’s phone with odd messages that just didn’t feel right, she says.

“She was misspelling a lot of things that night,” Justice told News 4. “She has very good punctuation and spelling, and that just wasn’t her.” Justice told News 4.


"It makes my heart feel good to see people come out and help us out," said Jesse Lindsey, Faith’s grandfather.

Faith’s grandfather Jesse Lindsey said hasn’t been seen or heard from since October 29.

He said Faith was a 4.0 student who was shy but had a passion for helping people.

They last spoke two days before her disappearance.

"Now it went to a body search, kind of a different mood,” said Jesse.


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A charge for murder in the first degree, with a pre-mediated design was filed Friday against 24-year-old Tanner Washington for the murder of his girlfriend, 17-year-old Faith Lindsey.

Washington was arrested back on December 20, on a first-degree murder warrant.

“Ultimately we ended up with enough probable cause that the DA and a judge signed off on a first-degree murder arrest warrant,” said Brook Arbeitman with the OSBI.

According to newly obtained court documents, between October 27 and October 28 by unlawfully and with malice Washington caused the death of Faith Lindsey by inflicting certain mortal wounds on her from which she died.

Right now, Washington is being held in the Oklahoma County Jail with no bond.


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Sister of missing Oklahoma teen warns others about potentially fatal outcomes of domestic violence​

It’s been nearly a year since Faith Lindsey went missing from Pauls Valley. The 17-year-old, presumed murdered by her boyfriend, Tanner Washington, although her body has yet to be found.

Faith’s sister, Justice, said not having that closure of knowing what happened has left her haunted.

“It’s a hard time because not knowing where she’s at, not knowing if she’s still here or if she’s gone,” said Justice. “We don’t know.”

Justice said the family did not agree with the teen’s relationship with Washington, even before the alleged abuse started.

“We tried and tried to get her away from him,” said Justice. “She was so young. She didn’t realize. She didn’t know what love was, really, and she thought she loved him.”

The so-called love stemming from a promising beginning…

“He spoiled her, bought her all kinds of things, but there was the domestic violence,” said Justice. “I believe he went to jail once or twice, someone called the cops or she called the cops for him hitting on her. The thing is, I think he would do that and then try to make it up to her. That’s why she would stick around. She wasn’t used to getting spoiled the way he did to her.”

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA director, Deborah Shipman, said this problem is common among Native Americans, Faith being of Chickasaw heritage.

“About one in seven native women are murdered, and murder is the number two cause of death for a native woman,” said Shipman. “That’s unacceptable.”

The group is actively helping Faith’s family as they navigate Washington’s trial, which has been postponed due to the pandemic, but could also be affected by the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the McGirt decision, which calls for crimes involving Native Americans on tribal land be tried in tribal court.

While Faith’s family awaits closure, Justice shares a message to women and younger girls who are also victims of domestic violence.

“Don’t let your pride get in the way or don’t be embarrassed about it, because my sister, she’s missing. We don’t know what happened to her because of this. It lead up to this,” said Justice. “So many girls go missing every day just because they don’t leave or other situations in domestic violence. It did lead up to this.”

Justice said her family is planning a candlelight vigil for Faith and other victims of domestic violence, as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. They are working out the logistics due to the coronavirus pandemic and still need to get it approved by the City of Ada, Faith’s hometown.


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This is the entire article. No details. Can't find anything else about a search.... There is a vigil tomorrow, though.

Full-blown search underway for missing Oklahoma teen​

A search is underway for missing Oklahoma teen, Faith Lindsey, per Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA director, Deborah Shipman.

Lindsey went missing from Pauls Valley in November 2019. The 17-year-old presumed murdered by her boyfriend, Tanner Washington, although her body has yet to be found.

A vigil will be held in Lindsey’s honor on Saturday, November 14 from 12-2 p.m. in Ada, her hometown. It will mark one year since she disappeared.

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