FL DUVAL COUNTY JANE DOE: WF, 10-16, seen living in a photo, FL - 1 Mar 2016

1400UFFL - Unidentified Female
Photograph of subject.

Date of Discovery: March, 1, 2016
Location of Discovery: Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida
Estimated Date of Death: N/A
State of Remains: N/A
Cause of Death: N/A

Physical Description
Estimated Age: Early to mid twenties
Race: White
Sex: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown, but slim build
Hair Color: Blond, possibly dyed.
Eye Color: Unknown
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Unknown

Dentals: Not available
Fingerprints:Not available
DNA: Not available

Clothing & Personal Items
Clothing: Yellow sleeveless shirt with tiger design.
Jewelry: Unknown
Additional Personal Items: Unknown

Circumstances of Discovery
This Polaroid photograph of an unidentified female was found in the possession of Russell Tillis, accused of killing and dismembering Joni Gunter and burying her in his yard.

The woman in the photograph was not Gunter. They do believe he had additional victims and targeted "vulnerable" females that were runaways, prostitutes and drug addicts.

Investigating Agency(s)
Agency Name: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Agency Contact Person: N/A
Agency Phone Number: 904-630-0500
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: Unknown

Agency Name: Crime Stoppers
Agency Contact Person: N/A
Agency Phone Number: 866-845-TIPS
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: Unknown

NCIC Case Number: Unknown
NamUs Case Number: Not listed

Information Source(s)
News 4 JAX
First Coast News
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From my old post in Websleuths forum

I put the link for those who want to better review the photo


Then my research led me to find these profiles for the girl in the photo

FL possible girl

Andrea Durham https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/4711/143
Lurline Bergeron https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/5353/157
Joanna Otto https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/22112/171
Trinity Nicole Robinson https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/24211/176
Jennifer Perry https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/6518/178
Thabbetha Worford https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/30722/145
Kamrie Mitchell https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/17553/53
Ashley Legare https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/21044/55
Guadaloupe Cruz-Gomez https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/11295/115
Kyla Porter https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/7020/120
Britney Wright https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/28419/131
Heather MacCrossen https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2754/129
Wendy Hudakoc https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2317/239
Michelle Otter https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/6476/
Teresa Dean https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/3991/

Tillis lived for a great period in North Carolina; maybe the photo being old, it concerns a girl who disappeared from this state and I went to see in Namus some interesting profile and I found these:

NC possible girl

Denise Porch https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2447/6
Donna Barnhill https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2538/10
Angela Hamby https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2536/12
Frankie Horsley https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/13860/13
Elizabeth Sykora https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/22206/15
Cynthia Perry https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/8281/19
Amy Gibson https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2531/25
Jennifer Patterson https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/5135/26
Laura Hook https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2529/27
Christina Lewis https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/6297/52


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Per the Doe Network:

1400UFFL, photograph found on March 1, 2016 in the possession of Russell Tillis is now a closed case due to lack of verification or information.


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But they still don't know who it is, so why would they remove it without knowing? That makes no sense to me.
That was what I was thinking. I know it's "just a photo" but if they never identified the girl, why would they just be like, "Oh, well we can't find more info so case closed."

I guess maybe LE closed the case so Doe Network "can't" really have a listing for them? But still, same questions. Unless they IDed her and closed the case with no announcement, maybe even years ago.

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