DOERMAN BOYS: 3 sons shot “execution style” by father in Ohio


WATCH THIS. EVIL PIECE OF SH*T. This is recent. It is short. Doesn't matter whose show it is but I haven't seen it elsewhere, just came across it. I think we need to look into this one and have a thread.

THIS "father" killed his 3 sons in FRONT of the mother/his wife and his stepdaughter. Mom tried to do something and he I think shot her in the hand. Stepdaughter ran down the street screaming. In short order at the beginning of this, they show the police taking him down and into custody. A TWENTY million dollar bond was asked for by the prosecution.

When have we ever heard of one where the perp leaves the mom alone AND a stepchild but kills his own three boys in front of those two????? I haven't come across anything else about it but haven't looked, just happened to run into this with the bit of time I had before bed.

A MUST watch imo. And SHORT.

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This is under 9 minutes and yet packs a HUGE PUNCH.

EVIL, EVIL, EVIL. HOW THE HECK, WHY THE HECK...???!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this sh*t go on. And oh his defense tried to get lower bond saying he was married (yeah, he injured her too) and something about his work and support there, etc.
This is on the case I posted just above that is just becoming news and I think is going to become big news.

This man killed his three young sons in front of his wife and stepdaughter--stepdaughter went screaming down the street. Wife tried to intervene and he injured her. I think it is going to deserve a thread or merit one.

I haven't had time to look into it other than watching the one above. Haven't watched this one I am posting now yet.

And I forgot that one of the boys allegedly escaped and dad hunted him down and brought him back.

Annie above has more details (just starting to watch) already than the first video above that one.

Their home from the outside looks like a very well maintained home.

Body cam footage is already out on this one. It is said all three boys were dead in front yard (some said two inside, one outside). Were they all trying to flee? Did any neighbor witness any of this? Small town, just a couple of thousand. Looks like a nice family, nice home. Mom was a stay at home mom and dad the breadwinner so WHY???????

'Anyhow, recommend a watch and following this one.
Boy bodycam is intense. Black square is covering bodies or at least one boy's body depending on if correct two were inside or if correct all three were outside. Cops had to approach from road with cover. Dog barking. Mom screaming. I think this is more body cam than was in the first video I posted.

Surpriised it was all erleased so fast. The POS wouldn't stand up despite guns drawn on him and shouted to a dozen times at least I'd say. They finally had to grab him and throw him to the ground.
He's just calm, not a care. While mom is hysterical. Tells cops nothing is going on when they ask what is going on man? GRRRRRRR. His OWN sons.

Possible divorce maybe?? Child support?? Explain not taking the stepdaughter it would. This is MY speculation, I have nothing suggesting it, just wondering the WHY.
There is a camper in the yard. Seems to be a recent propane tank near the door of it. Wonder if he was living in it and they were having problems...? Isn't a big enough camper I don't think to house the family...
They are walking him to cop car cage and he asks if they can get his wallet out of his back pocket for him and Cop says Shut up!

I liked that. Am I wrong to like that? Are they wrong to say that? I don't think so. He just murdered his kids in cold blood. Allegedly of course.
He did make a full admission.

There is also the first hearing they are showing on here. Not an emotion. He is cold.

By his own admission he planned the events of the day.

Oh NOW he is apparently starting to cry/break down...

Again a must watch. This is all on Annie's show I posted today above.
His FB profile shows him as what would appear to be a loving dad.

He had a domestic violence charge for choking his own father.

Apparently the dad has spoken and said it was a misunderstanding and says his son was a loving dad and says he clearly just snapped. How can he say that when this was said to be planned?
His dad said he was a superfather. Said overall he was a good kid. Didn't know his motive. Dad hung up the call saying he couldn't handle talking of it any more.

OMG when his attorney asked for $75,000 bond, his attorney said his dad and wife were willing to cosign his bond.

Okay, I am sure this is shocking and new to them but don't put yourself or finances on the line for someone who did such a thing. AND admitted it.

He hasn't been able to talk to his son but was still willing to do this.
I get it is your son but that sure sounds like enabling behavior, and of an adult son.

I mean at this moment they know he did this heinous crime and they don't know why, what his problem is or how he could do such a thing but they'd put him on the street and pay for his release before even knowing these things?

I also wonder about the request for $75k bond by the defense. Isn't this a ridiculous request with such a crime? Is it based on the amount that can be raised or something? Or do they just throw a lowball out there which again is ridiculous.

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