IL DEBORAH A. McCALL: Missing from Downers Grove, IL - 5 Nov 1979 - Age 16


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Deborah A. McCall (16) - Downers Grove IL, 1979


Deborah A. McCall

Endangered Missing from Downers Grove, Illinois since November 5, 1979

Age: 16 -- Height: 5'2" -- Weight: 105 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Gray

Deborah's nickname is Debbie. She has freckles.

Deborah was last seen leaving school in Downers Grove, Illinois on November 5, 1979. She has never been heard from again. Few details are available.

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Illinois girl's 1976 cold case murder linked to suspected serial killer through DNA, genetic genealogy

A man police suspect was a serial killer has been linked to the Illinois cold case murder of a 16-year-old girl 44 years ago through DNA and genetic genealogy.

High school junior Pamela Maurer was strangled with a rubber hose after leaving a friend's house in Lisle on Jan. 13, 1976. Her body was found the next day but, as the years passed, the homicide investigation went cold.

On Monday, DuPage County prosecutors held a news conference to announce the case finally had been cracked with Bruce Lindahl named as the person who raped and killed Pamela.

Loudon said he believes Lindahl was a serial killer who preyed on women.

The station reported that one of his potential victims was Deborah McCall, a high school student who disappeared in 1979 and has never been found. Police found photos of her in Lindahl’s home after his death.

Man Linked to 1976 Murder Now a Suspect in 12 Killings, 9 Rapes

A man who police believe is responsible for the 1976 killing of a 16-year-old girl in a Chicago suburb may also be linked to 12 other murders and nine rapes around the area.

The Chicago Tribune reports investigators have received more than 70 tips since they announced Monday that they believe Bruce Lindahl killed Pamela Mauer in DuPage County in 1976 and may be responsible for several other murders before his death in 1981. They are investigating his possible connection to a dozen murders and nine rapes, though as calls continue to come in, that number could climb, investigator Chris Loudon told the publication.

Lindahl died before he was identified as a person of interest in Maurer's case. His body was ultimately exhumed and DNA taken from his body was consistent with DNA collected from Maurer in 1976, authorities said.

In addition to Maurer's death, Chris Loudon with the Lisle Police Department said he suspects Lindahl may have been a serial killer responsible for multiple deaths in several Chicago suburbs.

In addition to the murders of Maurer, Colliander and Huber, police also suspect Lindahl in the disappearance of Downers Grove North student Deborah McCall, who went missing in November 1979.

Photos of McCall were found inside Lindahl's home after his death, Berlin said.

Police also found photos of several other women inside the home.

"Unfortunately we have evidence that there may be other women who were victimized by Bruce Lindahl between approximately 1974 and his death in April of 1981 specifically in areas where he was known to reside," Berlin said.

Those locations include Lisle, Woodridge, Downers Grove and Aurora.

"I think there’s probably people we don’t even know about," Loudon said.

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