TN DANDRIDGE JOHN DOE: M, 18-40, found near Douglas Lake in Dandridge, TN - 10 March 2019

On March 10, 2019 a homeowner walking near Douglas Lake in Dandridge, Tennessee reported seeing a suspicious bag next to the lake shore. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies determined the bag, which turned out to be a golf bag, contained human remains. The Regional Forensic Center in Knoxville was unable to provide much information about the deceased other than he was a male of uncertain race/ethnicity, possibly white, an estimated 5′ 7″-5′ 10″ tall, and an adult less than 40-years-old. A black Walking Dead t-shirt and a leather belt stamped with the name “Gerald” found with the remains were not helpful in identifying the deceased. The case is being treated as a homicide.

DNA Doe Project Status: Research in progress


Sex: Male
Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian, Uncertain
Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 40
Height: 5' 7"-5' 10"(67-70 inches) , Estimated


Type: Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found: March 10, 2019

Location Found Map

Location: Dandridge, Tennessee 37725
County: Jefferson County
Circumstances of Recovery: A homeowner was in the area walking around the edge of Douglas Lake and found a duffel bag that contained the decedent's remains. The head and both hands were not located in the bag or on scene.

Details of Recovery​

Condition of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction

Physical Description

Hair Color: Unknown
Head Hair Description: No skull

Distinctive Physical Features

No tattoos and no medical devices

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing: black "Walking Dead" t-shirt, blue jeans, black belt with white buckle, and white socks. A name is present on the belt, "Gerald". - On the Body

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Body found in bag on shore of Douglas Lake might be man named Gerald, authorities say​

The body that washed up in a bag on the shore of Douglas Lake on Sunday might be that of a man named Gerald, officials said.

"He was wearing blue jeans and a 'Walking Dead' T-shirt, from the television show," Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Coffey said Wednesday. "He had no visible tattoos. And we did find a name of Gerald from the clothing.

"That’s all that we have to go on. Just that name."

TBI requests public's help to identify body found in Jefferson County​

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said they are investigating a possible homicide after a body was found in a "suspicious bag" on the lakeshore near Lake Ridge Drive in Dandridge on Sunday, March 10. Now, the TBI says they need help from the public to identify the body.

Wednesday, the sheriff's office gave some details about the person found. Officials said the body is thought to belong to an adult male. He was found wearing a Walking Dead t-shirt. Investigators found the name 'Gerald' on his clothing.

According to the TBI, the body was wearing a Walking Dead t-shirt, blue jeans and a belt buckle with a horse and horseshoe on it.

The sheriff's office said no missing persons cases in Jefferson County match the description of the body.


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Jefferson County John Doe 2019 (Dandridge John Doe) has been added to Gedmatch by the DNA Doe Project. As of February 22, 2021, he has over 4,000 DNA matches. His highest match is 167.4 cM - this is in the second cousin, second cousin once removed, half first cousin once removed range. He is on the Google Drive spreadsheet at:

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