KY CRYSTAL ROGERS: Missing from Bardstown, KY - 3 July 2015 - Age 35


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The parents of a Kentucky woman last seen 10 days ago suspect foul play in her disappearance.

Crystal Rogers, 35, a mother of five, was last seen by her live-in boyfriend, Brooks Houck, on July 3, according to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office.

Houck has said he had nothing to with Rogers’ disappearance. He has been extremely cooperative with investigators, police said, and he took a polygraph test.

A Kentucky police officer has been fired for allegedly tampering with an investigation regarding the missing girlfriend of his brother, who has just been named the only suspect in her disappearance.

Crystal Rogers, 35, has been missing since July 3. Her boyfriend, Brooks Houck, has claimed the last time he saw the mother of five was the night before, playing games on her phone.

The only clue in Rogers disappearance was her maroon Chevy Impala, which was found unlocked and with a flat tire on Bluegrass Parkway on Saturday.

Inside were her keys, purse and uncharged phone.

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Investigation Discovery to air show on Crystal Rogers, Tommy Ballard

Crystal Rogers has been missing since July of 2015 and her father, Tommy Ballard, was shot and killed one year later. Last August, there was a multi-episode series on the unsolved cases and there is another episode that airs later this month.

"It's very hard. I don't care if it has been five years, ten years, they're still not here," Sherry Ballard said. "So we still miss them every day, just like it was yesterday. And I don't see this ever getting easier for us."

Sherry says it's still very difficult to recall what has happened over the past five years, but she knows she couldn't keep their names out there without it.

"I don't even want to call it a story because it's our life. So it's not a story. To keep their case going, I think that's the only thing that I can do, is keep it in the attention of everyone so it's not forgotten," Sherry said.

The show is called 'Still A Mystery' and will be one episode, unlike the multi-episode series that aired on Oxygen in August. But it will still cover both cases.

'Still A Mystery' airs Tuesday, June 23 at 9 p.m.


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Crystal Rogers' daughter talks about life without her mom during the 5 years she's been missing

This week marks five years since Crystal Rogers was last seen in Bardstown. Her disappearance has garnered national attention, but there are still no answers and no signs of her.

For the first time, one of Crystal’s five children sits down with WDRB and talks about what life has been like without their mom.

“Waking up every day and not being able to wake up and be like ‘Hey mom’ and ‘What are you going to do today?’ Just like normal little things. The little things really matter more than the big huge things,” Kyleigh Fenwick said.

It's those millions of little things she has missed out on for five years now. Now 19 years old, Kyleigh was just 14 at the time of her mom’s disappearance.

“People say it gets easier. It never gets easier,” she said.

Several weeks after Crystal's disappearance, the Nelson County Sheriff's Office announced Crystal was presumed dead and named Brooks Houck the main suspect.

“In my heart, I know he's 100% guilty,” Ballard said. “And I just think to myself — your day is coming.”

Houck has never been charged with a crime in Crystal’s disappearance.


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Several weeks after Crystal's disappearance, the Nelson County Sheriff's Office announced Crystal was presumed dead and named Brooks Houck the main suspect.
:sigh: I think he's guilty- with his brother being on the police force and "tampering with the investigation" this stinks to high heaven. I wish an arrest would be made; I'm almost out of hope for this case being resolved.


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Ballard family says no new information since remains found one week ago

It's been one week since the FBI's Evidence Response Team was called in to recover possible human remains in Nelson County.

The remains, discovered in a rural area near the border of Nelson and Washington counties, were sent to the FBI's lab in Quantico, Virginia for testing.

Days after the remains were discovered, WHAS11 learned police notified the family of Crystal Rogers, a Bardstown mother who has been missing for over five years.

Officials said there is no timeline for when they may receive answers, and said they will not be commenting any further until they receive official results as there are multiple families of missing persons in the area.


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After 5 years, it's probably going to take some time for an official identification. May God give Crystal's loved ones peace in the interim.

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