SC COWARD JANE DOE: F, 20-35, found at a tree line on a dirt access road in Coward, SC - 10 Oct 2019 *NANCY PRITCHARD*


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The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

Deputies investigate possible human remains found in Florence County

Florence County Deputies investigating after possible human remains found by hunters

While preparing the property for hunting season, the skull was located at a tree line on a dirt access road. Further search revealed remaining skeleton and clothing. Ultimately, near complete skeleton was recovered.

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Skeletal remains found in Florence County identified as missing woman, coroner says

Skeletal remains discovered in a field in Florence County have been identified as a missing 55-year-old woman, coroner Keith von Lutcken said Tuesday.
The remains were found on Oct. 10, 2019, off Old No. 4 Highway between Effingham and Coward.
The remains were sent to the Medical University of South Carolina for a skeletal survey, according to von Lutcken. He added no trauma was noted during the survey except for older rib fractures.
In December 2019, a man came forward who claimed the remains may be that of his mother, von Lutcken said.
Dental records were then obtained and submitted to a forensic odontologist for identification.

According to von Lutcken, the remains were identified as Nancy Ann Pritchard, of Florence.

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