Australia CLEO SMITH: Missing from Blowholes Campground, Carnarvon, WA - 16 Oct 2021 - Age 4 **Found Alive**


Search continues for missing girl in WA​

The disappearance of a four-year-old girl from a WA campsite is "extremely concerning" and police say a search has yet to turn up any answers.

Cleo Smith was last seen about 1.30am on Saturday at the Blowholes campsite on the coast at Macleod, north of Carnarvon.

An air, land and sea search resumed on Sunday morning with help from the SES and community volunteers.

The girl was wearing a pink one-piece sleepsuit with a blue and yellow pattern when she was last seen.

Earlier, Ms Smith posted that she had woken at 6am on Saturday to find her daughter wasn't in their shared tent.

She described Cleo's disappearance as "very very unusual".

WA police Inspector Jon Munday said the family arrived in the area late on Friday afternoon.

Insp Munday said he was "fairly confident" police were able to get the identities of all the people who were in the campsite at the time she disappeared, as well as gathering intelligence from dashcams and CCTV cameras in the vicinity to "paint a picture of who was around here".

"We are greatly concerned for the safety of Cleo and we aren't leaving anything to chance or ruling anything out," Insp Munday said early on Sunday afternoon.

"We are going as hard as we can for as long as we can."

Insp Munday said detectives from Perth and Geraldton had arrived at the search area and despite the harsh environment, the weather was so far "conducive to someone surviving exposure to the elements", but there were still no answers or major breakthroughs in the search.

MEDIA - CLEO SMITH: Missing from Blowholes Campground, Carnarvon, WA since 16 Oct 2021 - Age 4
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I also hope media and others leave Cleo and her family alone now to get back to some semblance of normal and help Cleo out dealing with this and also while they deal with the investigation and legal process... I don't doubt they are camped near their home understandably wanting pictures of Cleo and mom, etc... The last thing I imagine wanting is strangers near your home and yard night or day after experiencing something like this... Or even being followed to a store, etc. to get a photo...


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Here's one from Linda, It's a Crime. She has a news video in it where if I understand him correctly (hard to hear and then the accent and all), another guy just bonded out of jail I think and he says to the news guy that Kelly was throwing himself against the wall or cell, trails of blood, screaming I'm sorry, etc...

Apparently Kelly has lived in this home since childhood and some say he was a naughty boy as a child. Some neighbors claim that end of the street is the rowdy end of the street. It is public housing. Apparently his parents live nearby...

I wonder what is true. Did he injure himself in his cell or did another prisoner injure him as the mother of that prisoner claims in Daily Mail? I am unsure, it could be either. It wouldn't be unusual for prisoners to say he did it himself and back each other up if the cops did not see it or if they turned a blind eye would it...? I mean we have all heard of prison justice I guess one would call it...

They do say there were bamboo screens across doors and windows, but they show that while cops are there for evidence etc. I assume they mean the perp blocked them or maybe they mean blinds, no idea...

Anyhow, just thought I"d post it as I know many if not even most watch Linda and trust her videos. Fairly short too, about ten minutes.



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There was some new in here to me, it may look the same some of it as what we saw but there are clips I haven't seen including they are now starting to talk with Cleo, specially trained people, about what happened in the home... I hope news stays on top of any updates and the legal process too but that they give the family the space to deal with all and go about doing this and normal life activities without reporters and more hovering or watching... I hope there is some way to let her not become "that" child through her life any more than will already happen and can't be helped. Jmo.



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There was also a taxi dash cam that captured the moment the suspect was pinned to the ground and arrested in the above video.


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Hmmm. They pulled him over 4.5 kilometers from the house where Cleo was being held captive... I posted before I finished the end of the video... That's about 2.8 miles.

My thoughts are that he was either doing something to get pulled over like speeding or otherwise and once they did, something came to light... In the car maybe...? Or I figure if this is a small town and we have heard it from neighbors, etc., that he was seen buying nappies and I then heard he was also buying groceries that weren't his norm for groceries, COULD a store clerk of somewhere he frequents in this smallish town have called with some concern/possibility...? Example besides children's clothing or diapers, perhaps he as a habit always bought let's just say 7 Hungry Man TV dinners and little else for himself and all of a sudden he is buying animal crackers, fun shapes of mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and lollipops. Just a thought. My last thought is even though they said he was not a suspect until the day it happened and was not on their radar that they were maybe watching stores in Carnavron for a man coming out alone and late at night buying odd things...

The last bit seems farther fetched but they did say they were checking children's clothing stores, motels, etc. and it seems like in the days before this arrest they were centering more on this town than in the other direction... Very likely because of the car sighted... So perhaps those stores went under closer watch in this town as did traffic late at night maybe and even looking for the car and who in town might just be someone to look at... Maybe looked at what men lived alone and more... It would fit in with what they keep saying, just a lot of things coming together and following the information and various pieces methodically, etc.

One last thing is that I twice from police have heard the word antecedent and to me it is what he was doing possibly in the days leading up to her being snatched or the day of... Was he preparing even though this is said to be likely opportunistic, meaning buying clothes or other things for "some" child he hoped to snatch...? Police checking store records and surveillance leading up to her abduction...?

It does say they believe he was at the campground though to commit small time theft... So maybe antecedent was about that, that he was known to go there and steal or suspected of it possibly?

He is going to Perth, put in high security prison and cell and probably safe from other prisoners... Not back in court until next month...

Sooo the slow process begins and it may be awhile before we get any of these answers... My ruminations on what has come out the past few days and on this video...


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Cleo Smith's parents release statement after 4-year-old miraculously found​

The parents of Cleo Smith have thanked all those who were involved in her dramatic rescue for making their family "whole again".

In a statement released on Friday night, Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon said: "In particular, we would like to thank WA Police, all those involved in the initial search, the Carnarvon community, local businesses and, of course, our family and friends.

"We are humbled by the love and support that we have received from not only our local community but the whole of Western Australia and across the country.

"We are so thankful that our little girl is back within our arms and our family is whole again. As we try to get on with our lives, we ask that you respect our privacy."


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Cleo Smith suspect's first night in tough prison alongside notorious killers

Cleo Smith abduction suspect spends first night in tough maximum security jail alongside notorious killers​

CLEO Smith’s alleged kidnapper has spent his first night locked up with some of Australia’s most violent villains.

Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, arrived at Casuarina Prison south of Perth in shackles yesterday afternoon after being arrested by officers who swooped on a property and rescued the missing four-year-old.

Until at least his next court appearance in December, Kelly will be held at the maximum-security jail, which is home to some of Western Australia’s notorious criminals.



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Tradesman who worked on Cleo Smith's alleged abductor's derelict home said the Bratz-obsessed loner claimed he had a DAUGHTER - as an unusual piece of evidence emerges​

A tradie who worked on the house where Cleo Smith was allegedly held by a kidnapper has told investigators the loner had a room decorated for a little girl, and had falsely claimed he had a young daughter.

The man who was hired to paint the Carnarvon, WA, public housing commission duplex which Terence Darrell Kelly rented was interviewed by police in the days following his arrest and told them he had seen a room adorned with doll-lined shelves.

A door to one of the rooms in the house which can allegedly be locked from the outside is also of particular interest to detectives, reports The Australian, with WA's housing department having a policy to not install locks on internal doors for safety reasons.

The 36-year-old alleged abductor's fixation with dolls has been brought to light following his arrest, with forensic police seen removing several large evidence bags believed to be filled with dolls from the rundown house in recent days.

A leading theory put forward by investigators is that the abduction was not pre-meditated but that Kelly had allegedly been at the Quobba Blowholes campground and stumbled across little Cleo.

While he was known to police for petty crimes he was not on the sex offender list and was not immediately focused on as a suspect.

However, information given to police by telecommunications operators allegedly showed a phone registered to him pinged off the Point Quobba phone tower nearby the campground at 3am, just three hours before Cleo's parents woke up to find her missing from her tent.

The crucial piece of information led police to investigate Kelly further with detectives understood to have quickly uncovered more links between between him and the alleged abduction - though they have not revealed what these are.

Sources close to the investigation claim the mobile phone data was crucial in helping police to identify Kelly as a prime suspect.

'His phone was allegedly in the area as part of the data collection,' a source told The West Australian. 'That is part of the information that led the taskforce to him.'

There are at least three new mobile base stations located not far from the remote campsite where Cleo vanished from at Quobba Point, 73km north of Carnarvon, on October 16.

Telecommunication providers then gave police a list of phone numbers that had been used in the area during the times of interest.

Detective superintendent Rod Wilde said the data was then layered with other information before Kelly became a person of interest.

'So we put the phone data over numberplate-recognition data, CCTV, witness accounts, forensics... And when you layer them on top of each other you solve crimes and that is merely what we have done here.'


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Police say second person may be involved in alleged abduction of Cleo Smith​

Western Australian police have revealed that a second person may have been involved in the alleged abduction of Cleo Smith.

Terence Darrell Kelly has been charged over the alleged kidnapping and is currently in a maximum-security prison in Perth until his next court appearance in December.

“Our focus this week is for us to ascertain whether there was anyone else involved,” he said on Monday.

“That’s why we are still here.”

“So, we just ask that if there was anyone that had any contact with Mr Kelly, whether you saw him, whether you met with him, whether you spoke to him on the phone during the relevant period to please make yourself known to police.”

Cleo Smith: Kidnapped Girl Says Unknown Woman Combed Her Hair, ‘Looked After’ Her While Hidden in Stranger’s Home​

Cleo Smith, a 4-year-old Australian girl who was kidnapped and held hidden for 18 days, says a woman helped take care of her while she was held inside a locked home in Carnarvon.

DailyMail reports that 4-year-old Cleo told police that a female combed her hair and “looked after her” while she was held in a stranger’s home. Police arrested Terry Kelly, 36, last week and charged him with kidnapping, but so far, no other person has been charged in the case.


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Hmm. Many take him as a loner who just wanted a friend, daughter, child, etc... But if he had a woman involved, present in the home, etc... How did she feel about the doll thing and his other ways? Who knows...

I don't know what it is but this case does not and has not sat right with me from the start. That's not at the parents, or anyone necessarily, it could be anything, anyone, the lack of things quite adding up, etc., there just is and still are big missing pieces...

Even now that she has been found, it still just seems he must have been watching, following, had a plan even if it was for any child, etc... Taken from a tent spontaneously? And back to the town she came from... I mean it COULD BE but there just are things missing...

Still glad though she is alive and home, that's the BIG THING. But this doesn't need to happen to anyone else either if there is someone else or others out there...

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