TX CHRISTOPHER RAMIREZ: Missing from Plantersville, TX - 6 Oct 2021 - Age 3 *Found Alive*


Authorities searching for 3-year-old boy who went missing while playing with dog in Grimes County​

Authorities are searching for a 3-year-old boy who they said went missing while chasing a neighbors dog in Grimes County.

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office said 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez was last seen in the 10000 block of Deer Park Lane in the Foxfire subdivision around 1:30 p.m. or 2 p.m.

According to reports, the family was unloading groceries when Ramirez spotted a neighbors dog and started playing with it. Moments later, the family said the boy was gone.

UPDATE: Search moves to vehicles, sheds and structures due to new information​

7 p.m.
A boy from Grimes County has been declared missing by authorities after he allegedly went chasing after a loose dog and hasn't been seen since.

Chuck Fleeger with the Amber Alert Network of the Brazos Valley said the boy has been identified as Christopher Ramirez, 3. He is three feet tall and weighs about 45 pounds. Ramirez only speaks Spanish but will respond to his name, according to authorities.

Authorities said the boy has been missing since 2 p.m. Wednesday from the 10,000 block of Deer Park Lane in the Foxfire subdivision. Ramirez was last seen wearing a bright green shirt with Mickey Mouse shoes. Authorities are also going house to house in the area.

A DPS helicopter is also flying in the area to see if they can spot the boy from the air. Amber Alert Network of the Brazos Valley is also at the scene to help search for the boy.

8:30 P.M.
Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell confirmed a dog has returned from the woods where authorities have been searching for Christopher Ramirez. Sheriff Sowell said they have covered more than a square mile of wooded area but have not been able to find the boy.

K9 units with TDCJ as well as DPS helicopters have been working with authorities on the ground. Groups of citizens in and around the Plantersville area have also arrived on scene to help search for Ramirez, but a call for volunteers has not been made at this time.

Several agencies are on scene to provide support, including a dive and rescue team to help search any bodies of water.

Sheriff Sowell said he does not have any reason to believe there is foul play involved and that he is hoping Ramirez will be rescued soon. He said authorities will not stop until Ramirez is found.

10:45 P.M.
Authorities said they have received new information from members of Ramirez's family that he likes to play in vehicles. The search team gathered and decided they would once again search each and every vehicle throughout the subdivision.

Teams will also be searching all sheds, pools and other places that look like good hiding spots.

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Sheriff: Foul play not suspected in case of missing Grimes County child​

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office and many other volunteer groups and first responders continue searching for a missing child in the Plantersville area and the sheriff says they will not rest until he’s located.

Sheriff Don Sowell says 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez chased a neighbor’s dog into the woods Wednesday afternoon and has since been missing.



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These cases make my heart sick. Praying for this little boy as he likely will be spending the night in the woods if he is still alive and if that is where he is.

Even though the dog came out of the woods, the info that he likes to play in vehicles seems to indicate they are unsure he followed or went with the dog into the woods or elsewhere.

I hope they check all trunks. There are trunk releases inside near the driver's seat in most vehicles as we know.... Children this age notice more than we think... He or someone would then have to shut it but that can be done too if they are thinking it is cool to hide like hide and seek. I know of a case where the child supposedly got the keys and opened the trunk, he apparently then pulled the trunk down and shut it and he was found there too late in hot weather. The officers went all out to find him and I think felt terrible and one can't blame them for thinking that was not even feasible--I probably wouldn't think so at such a young age, he got himself in there apparently but could not get out. They had checked I think every inch of vehicles but not trunks.


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I so hoped he would be found quickly.

I imagine or hope they are checking home surveillance etc. in the neighborhood if any. If it is a subdivision, there may well be some. It sounds a bit unsure if he went into the wood after the dog/with the dog or to a vehicle at a neighbor's etc.

Nothing much here hints at foul play but like in all cases, I am sure they are making sure he was really with them, came home with them and truly was there when they were unloading groceries. Not saying anything is a lie at all, just sure they are covering those bases. The fact the dog did appear makes it seem likely he was there and was playing with the dog quite possibly just as they say...


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FBI, Homeland Security, Texas EquuSearch join search for missing Grimes County boy​

The Grimes County Sheriff said in a news conference Thursday night the desperate search for Christopher Ramirez remains a rescue operation but investigators are hitting roadblocks at every corner and there is still no sign of the 3-year-old.

“We’re very, very concerned,” said Sheriff Don Sowell. “But let’s be clear we’re still looking for that young man. This is still a rescue, not a recovery.”

“We have just finished about the fifth round of ground searches with dogs, manpower, and aerial sources. We have not found anything. We had a couple of areas where dogs have picked up scents but we have gone over, and over and over that area,” said Sowell.

An estimated 150 law enforcement officials from federal state and local agencies are working in shifts to search acres of land around the family’s home. The FBI, Homeland Security, and Texas Rangers are also helping.

That’s in addition to other search and rescue teams that are looking inside homes in the neighborhood, surveillance cameras, above-ground pools, sheds, and a near-two square mile area of the Foxfire subdivision east of FM 1774 near Plantersville.

“We have drained one pond of interest that might have been a concern but the child was not found there. That’s good news. And we searched two other nearby ponds,” said Sowell.

Sheriff Sowell says search teams are now coming up with a Plan B for the evening which will include teams still searching the area throughout the night and a new wave of searchers will be brought on Friday morning.


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I am sure it's just reporting mistakes but it said initially it was a neighbor's dog and Erica at ABC above says it was his dog.

I wonder why the mother thinks he was snatched if he went after the dog into the woods. They must be unsure of that, maybe because they just last saw him with the dog or something..


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Yeah, it really sounds like it is just a reporting mix-up in the beginning/first post then. We see it plenty in the first rush of information it seems.
Also could be a language barrier, though Spanish-speakers and translators are probably not uncommon in this area.

I don't speak Spanish (could pick out a few words but not much) but she almost had me in tears. To me, she appears to be a grieving parent of a truly missing child. I hope she is able to hug her son again tonight.


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Heartbreaking. I get not one doubtful vibe with her, she seems devastated as a parent would be and many we see don't seem to be. I did not realize he was seen running down the road after a dog, I thought he was just probably playing near the car with the dog in the yard and perhaps wandered into the woods while they were busy for a minute or two. Darn it is too bad the neighbor did not take off after him or yell--not judging, a neighbor may have just gotten a glimpse nor not known it was anything of concern even or possibly even alerted them right away.


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Also could be a language barrier, though Spanish-speakers and translators are probably not uncommon in this area.

I don't speak Spanish (could pick out a few words but not much) but she almost had me in tears. To me, she appears to be a grieving parent of a truly missing child. I hope she is able to hug her son again tonight.
I don't speak it but know a smattering but am rusty with that smattering and picked up more words than I would have thought. That certainly could be it, the language barrier. I knew mi corazon, perro and a few more. I also realized from the first response that the translator was not translating word for word but giving a summary response of the mother's response because mi corazon is "my heart" and the translator never said that. The mother probably said her heart was breaking or something close.

She seems authentically distressed, this is her baby. This is what I would think all parents would be like, total anxiety, panic, fear of the worst with each passing hour and yet trying somehow to hope.

She seems to know of no one who would have did this but two minutes is pretty darned quick for foul play. I hope he is not found in a water source or something like that and yet what do we hope for? That he is lost and somehow still alive I guess because abduction or death by water, elements, something are not either one something anyone wants to see.

I hope she is able to hug her son too and soon. Honestly I want to give this woman a big hug and hold her tight.


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Search for missing Grimes County boy enters 3rd day​

The search for a three-year-old boy has entered its third day in Grimes County.

'This is still a rescue' | Search intensifies for 3-year-old boy missing in Grimes County​

The search continues in Grimes County for a missing 3-year-old boy who hasn't been seen since Wednesday. A massive multi-agency effort, including local law enforcement, the FBI and EquuSearch have been working around the clock to find Christopher Ramirez.

"There have been no tips. There have been no rumors. There have been no facts to give us anything to go on," he said. "I’m not saying we’re concluding anything. I’m saying we’re staying here until we find him, however long that takes."


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Sheriff confirms boy spotted near border is not missing toddler​

As investigators head into day three of the search for Christopher Ramirez, the missing 3-year-old from Plantersville, they’re frustrated that few tips have come in.

Sowell did confirm that all of Christopher’s immediate family members are now excluded as persons of interest in the case.

“The family, immediate family and the extended family have been excluded as any persons of interest,” said Sowell.

During the day’s search Sowell said they received a tip from someone in Brewster County saying they spotted a 3-year-old named Christopher. Border Patrol and the local county sheriff’s office were able to pull the vehicle over, but the child was not Christopher Ramirez, according to Sowell.

“I was hoping to come with that and give you all some good news,” said Sowell. “Sadly I just got off the phone with some colleagues down there at the border patrol, pictures were given to the mother [Araceli Nunez] of the child and she verified that it was not her child.”

Sowell said the tip lifted their spirits for about an hour and a half, until Nunez said the child wasn’t her son.

“We had a glimmer of hope for a while there,” said Sowell.

During a Friday morning press conference, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said a night of searching did not yield any new information.

“I’ll be honest with you folks, at this moment I have absolutely no leads to give you. We have no leads to go on [that we didn’t have] yesterday,” said Sowell.


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A toddler in Grimes County remains missing after several days of searching by local, state and federal agencies.

Investigators continue to look for 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez, who was last seen Wednesday afternoon at his family’s home in the 10000 block of Deer Park Lane in Plantersville.

On Friday, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said the search area would be slightly expanded beyond the area of the subdivision. He also confirmed that Christopher’s immediate and extended family members have been excluded as any persons of interest.

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