IN CHILD DOE: BM, 5-8, found by mushroom hunters in "very secluded" area of Washington Co., IN - 16 April 2022 *CAIRO JORDAN*


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ISP: Child found dead in Washington County woods; death investigation underway​

Indiana State Police in Sellersburg are asking for the public to help to identify a child found dead in the woods on Saturday.

Around 7:30 p.m., a local resident was mushroom hunting when they found a child’s body near a roadway in a “heavily wooded area of eastern Washington County,” according to ISP’s release.

After calling 911, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department responded and ISP detectives were called to investigate.

Officials described the child as a “young, Black male between the ages of five-years-old and eight-years-old.” The boy is approximately 4′0″ with a slim build and a short haircut, the release said.

Investigators believe the child died sometime within the last week. The exact time and cause of death is pending.

ISP announces dedicated tip line after discovery of young boy's body in Washington County​

The Indiana State Police Department now has a dedicated tip line for information on the identity of a young boy whose body was found Saturday night in rural Washington County, Indiana.

That number is 1-888-437-6432.

The agency held a news conference Monday afternoon, but Sgt. Carey Huls admitted that while tips have been coming in, police still do not know the child's identity.

An autopsy is planned for Tuesday, but investigators believe he died within the past week. Huls said the autopsy would likely be completed on Tuesday, but it might be a couple of days before results would be available. He said the autopsy would be conducted by a medical examiner at the Washington County Coroner's Office.

Huls declined to give any details, including the possible cause of death or what the boy was wearing when his body was found.

Huls did say that investigators have connected with national, state and local agencies seeking information on any possible missing children. So far, investigators have not found anything that's matched up.

Whose child is this? Police yet to identify boy found dead in Southern Indiana woods​

It's been days since a young boy was found dead in Southern Indiana on Saturday, and police are still unable to identify him.

"Our No. 1 goal at this point is to find out the identity and name of this child. That's what he deserves," Indiana State Police Sgt. Carey Huls said Monday in the second press conference since the boy was found in Washington County.

Huls said there is a chance that the boy, believed to be between 5 and 8 years old, could be from another state.

"We thought this would be a local case but since nothing has happened — we haven't had any matches, so this obviously could be a national thing," he said.

The description of the boy hasn't matched the description of any Indiana children that have been reported missing.

"He was in someone's custody and care for his daily needs. ... Somebody was taking care of this little boy," Huls said.

Numerous tips have came in since the boy was found, Huls said, including several about a missing boy named Codi Bigsby from Hampton, Virginia.

"We don't believe that will be a match," Huls said, adding that investigators have already been looking into that.
This reminds me so much of the little boy found near Las Vegas. (Not saying they're related, just makes me think of poor Liam too.) His mother beat him to death, dumped him, and fled.

No doubt this was also family.
An autopsy of the boy was completed Tuesday, according to ISP, though a definitive cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

"Results of the toxicology report are still pending, and investigators are hopeful that information will shed more light on the cause of death," a release from state police stated.

Officials initially thought the boy was between the ages of 5 and 8 years old, though he is now thought to be closer to 5. He is approximately 4 feet tall, has a slim build and a short haircut. Investigators believe the child's death occurred sometime within the past week.

Since finding the boy, about 200 calls from the public have been made. A national tip line dedicated to the case was established and anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-437-6432.

The description of the boy hasn't matched the description of any Indiana children that have been reported missing. Additionally, ISP has asked the public not to send in information on children that had previously been reported missing because investigators are already looking into those cases, a release from state police stated.
Just want to note I have not went into the links to read yet but just based on your posts and the info from the links shared in the posts,

first thought was this is not an unknown area to someone (or locals) because even though it says things like remote and heavily wooded, the odds of a body dumped and a mushroom hunter coming across it in a short week is unlikely to me. I don't mean the mushroom hunter had anything to do with it, I mean that at least two people in a week were in this area. That to me means likely locals knew it as a place to mushroom hunt, private, etc. and whoever dumped this child did too. Imo. I just think that is likely.

He isn't matching children missing as listed because it is only been a week imo. Cody Bigsby I understand people looking at but we all know a child missing more than a few days is most likely dead unless a parental abduction, etc., it is just the odds.

I agree with others, this was family or caretaker and as LE said someone around the Easter dinner table knows... They won't find this child reported missing as it looks like the classic known family member scenario killed or abused the boy and dumped the body. Imo.

All speculation on my part, certainly not a sure thing.

It does throw me some that two people in the area in a week doesn't mean it is unknown but it also means the offender should have known other people go there and it may not be long until the body is found so not really a great attempt at a place to hide a body? BUT if one thinks about rural or remote places they know in their own areas, others may frequent them but how often and do they walk through the woods off trail or on one, etc. Just thinking... I don't know.

Now I'm going to go read the links. Did it backwards :D
It's 30 minutes from me. It's an extremely rural, isolated area there. Who in the literal world stuffs a dead child in a Las Vegas suitcase?
Wow that is close to home. Is this small town/isolated area anywhere near highway? Doesn't seem likely. Also how far from state lines or nearest towns? And also, would a black child be unusual in this area? What I mean is in the midwest and it is true up by us in some small towns, there just are not that many black families, some have far more than others. I only ask because if there are but a few, someone would know this child if local imo, school, etc. would notice him missing and locals would just know there are only so many black children in town. However, if he or his family is from another area or state, bigger city, no one may realize he is missing and the area residents where he was found certainly wouldn't know who he is.

I am listening to the presser now.

I don't know why but I think they have a line on this and it will be solved quickly as to who he is... Just my opinion.
just expanding on this, the demographics for that area is over 90% white and the victim is listed as black. Just an observation only.

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I didn't read far enough or catch the demographics. I wondered this very same thing and thought it was probably this way. Hmm. So someone knew the area most likely but the boy wouldn't be typical of the area and if he was visiting, a foster, adopted, people in this area/town would likely know who he was.

The Las Vegas suitcase of course to me is to make it seem as if it is someone from out of the area. My guess would be they are from out of the area but not THAT far out of the area... If this child died within a week, yes a person could travel far over the course of a week but I doubt they traveled across the entire country or even that far... Across state lines maybe but still some familiarity possibly with where he was found...

Just thoughts.

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