Australia CHARLISE MUTTEN: Crown v Justin Stein for 2022 murder of 9-year-old step-daughter *GUILTY*

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Missing nine-year-old girl was holidaying in the Blue Mountains, search continues​

Police are continuing an extensive search for a missing nine-year-old girl who was holidaying in the NSW Blue Mountains.

Charlise Mutten, 9, was reported missing from a Mt Wilson property at about 8.20am on Friday and has reportedly been missing since Thursday.

Acting Superintendent John Nelson said Charlise is originally from Queensland and has been holidaying with her family in Mt Wilson over the school break.

Superintendent Nelson said Mt Wilson is a large area to search and police will use all resources possible to try and find the girl.

"The Mt Wilson area is a small community surrounded by bushland and some rugged bushland," he said.

The search restarted at first light with police holding grave concerns for the girl's welfare.

Crews looked in tents and bins for any sign of the child yesterday.

Officers are investigating all possibilities in the search for Charlise.

"She's a nine-year-old girl and she's missing we're here to pull out every stop that we can," Superintendent Nelson said.

"We're not discounting any scenario at this stage."

A woman was comforted by ambulance officers at the search centre before being taken to a Katoomba hospital.

Police are appealing for help from the public and have sent out geo-targeting messages.

Her parents' house has also been searched and is under police guard.

Superintendent Nelson said it is a "traumatic" experience for the family.

A car was seized in Penrith by police yesterday.

9News understands the homicide squad has been called in to assist local detectives.


Media - CHARLISE MUTTEN: Missing from Mt. Wilson, NSW since 13 Jan 2022 - Age 9
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Court hears the mother of Charlise Mutten was told by Justin Stein that he may have to 'get rid of some evidence'​

Charlise Mutten's mother has told a jury the girl's accused killer told her he may need to "get rid of some evidence" after suggesting Charlise had been kidnapped by his "ex-affiliations" and warning police should not be called.

The girl's mother, Kallista Mutten, on Monday was called to give evidence in the third week of a trial in the NSW Supreme Court at Parramatta.

She said in December 2021 Charlise arrived in Sydney for a visit, when Ms Mutten was around nine weeks pregnant with Mr Stein's child.

She recalled the three were at a caravan park in Lower Portland on January 11, before Mr Stein went to his family's property to meet an auctioneer who was valuing items at the home.

Ms Mutten said Mr Stein later told her Charlise wasn't feeling well and wouldn't come back to the caravan park the next day, but would instead be supervised by the auctioneer.

The two used the drug ice in an inner-Sydney park and Ms Mutten and Mr Stein later returned to Mt Wilson to find no lights on in the home.

Ms Mutten told the jurors she initially thought her daughter may still have been with the auctioneer elsewhere or in a hospital.

She recalled driving off in Mr Stein's ute to a camping ground to "get her emotions together" after accusing him of cheating.

Asked whether she was still affected by the ice at that point, she replied: "Yes and no".

"(It) just numbs me from reality, so maybe if I hadn't been on drugs, I might have put the pieces together," Ms Mutten said.

The next morning, she said she felt "things weren't adding up".

She recalled hiding from Mr Stein once she got back to the property because he was angry.

Ms Mutten said Mr Stein then told her he thought his "ex-affiliations" may have "kidnapped" Charlise.

She became emotional in court and wiped her eyes with a tissue.

"Did you talk about telling the police Charlise is missing?" Crown Prosecutor Ken McKay SC asked.

"He said not to because she might be kidnapped from his ex-affiliations, and they'd kill her if the police were involved," Ms Mutten replied.
Well this isn't impressive and leaves a lot out imo. And I did read the link.

So she just accepted all this and that some unknown auctioneer was watching her sick daughter and buys that baloney and then goes and does Ice with him?

To think grandpa said he thought they'd both cleaned upl their act.

There's a lot missing. Where was his mother? A recent article above said Charlise was due to go back to grandparents that day so why wouldn't it be a big deal that she was sick and not ready to go? Makes little sense.

She's scared on the man at one moment but hoped to marry him while Charlise was there.

None of it makes much sense. He is evil though, pure evil clearly. Still wondering about that other statement about her skirt. It sure is generally the usual sick reason for such things...

Justin Stein to give evidence in his trial for alleged murder of schoolgirl Charlise Mutten​

The defence case has officially opened and Justin Stein has been called to give evidence over allegations he shot schoolgirl Charlise Mutten twice and stuffed her body in a barrel before rolling it down an embankment, a jury has heard.

Crown prosecutors closed their case on Friday, with Supreme Court Justice Helen Wilson explaining the jury had heard “all the evidence the crown case puts before you”.

Carolyn Davenport SC on Monday opened the defence case and officially called Mr Stein as a witness.

He has moved into the witness box where he will be questioned about what he claims happened from January 11, 2022, until Charlise’s body was found a week later.
Do they have the right not to testify I wonder as defendants do here? I'd assume so since it was the D that called him and the P never did...

Charlise Mutten's accused killer changed story at every stage to 'cover his guilt' for her murder, court told​

The alleged killer of Charlise Mutten changed his story at every turn to cover "his guilt in the murder" of the nine-year-old girl, a court has been told.

In his closing submissions to the jury on Wednesday, Crown prosecutor Ken McKay SC said Mr Stein's claim that it was Kallista Mutten who killed her own daughter was "nonsense" .

On the defence case, Mr Stein said he heard Ms Mutten shoot Charlise twice while he was in the shed on the Mount Wilson property between 9 and 9:30pm on January 12.

Mr Stein initially told his mother "everything happened" in the early hours of January 13, during a phone call recorded while he was in custody.

Mr McKay accused the 33-year-old of "adjusting" the day and the timing of when he claimed to have witnessed the murder, to fit the police brief of evidence, which he received before the trial.

Mr McKay also questioned Mr Stein's claim that the girl's mother had managed to disappear with a 33.5-kilogram child, a rifle, pick up two firearm cartridges and dig a up section of dirt containing the girl's blood in complete darkness within a 10-minute period.

Mr McKay said Mr Stein sent text messages to Ms Mutten late on January 13 suggesting that Charlise may have been taken by ex-affiliates from his criminal past, while he was "pretending" to look for Charlise.

Its alleged Mr Stein later deleted Facebook messages he sent to Ms Mutten, that if she called police the girl could be killed by those ex-associates.

A story the prosecution said he made up "to give himself enough time to dump her body".

"He's looking for water ... boat ramps ... the Colo River ... that's what he's looking for."

Mr McKay also told jurors that when Mr Stein parked at Drummoyne boat ramp for three hours on the same night, he was "desperately" trying to contact Ms Mutten because he wanted to "manipulate" her into not calling the police.

"When he comes back to Mount Wilson [he tells Kallista] you can now call police."

Mr Stein claimed Charlise was not shot with a stolen .22 BSA rifle found buried in the Blue Mountains bushland with his fingerprints on it, but another different stolen rifle of the exact make, which had never been found.

In closing submission for Mr Stein's defence, barrister Carolyn Davenport SC described Kallista Mutten as an ice-addict and an attention seeker.

She told jurors the mother had previously written a note to her psychiatrist, describing how she becomes "psychotic" after being rejected by the ones she loves.

Ms Davenport said Charlise's request to stay with the accused at Mount Wilson on January 11 was the "last straw" for the mother.

"There is clear evidence there ... that over that period of time she was feeling rejected by Justin and probably by Charlise," Ms Davenport said.

"That may have been the last straw."

Ms Davenport SC told jurors "Kallista Mutten was never going to win the mother-of-the-year awards" and accused her of killing the child to win back her partner's love.

Ms Davenport said her client admits that he lied to police to "protect himself" after dumping the body but that doesn't mean he is "responsible for her murder".

The jury is expected to retire on Thursday to begin deliberating their verdict.

Justin Stein’s lawyers claim Charlise Mutten’s mother killed schoolgirl because she wanted ‘attention’, jury told​

Justin Stein’s lawyer has told a jury there is “no reasonable possibility” he could be found guilty of murdering schoolgirl Charlise Mutten.

Instead, Carolyn Davenport SC told the NSW Supreme Court jury that the girl’s mother, Kallista Mutten, shot her daughter twice to “gain attention”.

“My submission to you is the accumulation of the things happening in Kallista Mutten’s life that week … taking ice every day, being rejected by Justin Stein, being rejected by her daughter and knowing she was no longer able to go and live at Mount Wilson had a cumulative effect upon her,” Ms Davenport told the jury in her final argument on Wednesday.

“In order, who knows, to gain attention, to win Justin Stein back, she killed her child.”

Jury retires to decide fate of alleged killer Justin Stein over shooting of Charlise Mutten​

A jury has officially retired and will go over more than three weeks of evidence to decide whether Justin Stein murdered schoolgirl Charlise Mutten.

Mr Stein’s NSW Supreme Court trial entered its final stages after the 33-year-old took to the witness box for two days of evidence from both his defence counsel and a Crown prosecutor.

The 12-person jury retired to consider their verdict at 12.54pm.

“Take as much or as little time as you need,” Justice Wilson told the jury.

The jury spent just over three hours considering its verdict on Thursday afternoon and will return on Friday for furhter deliberations.

Jury sent home for weekend in schoolgirl murder case​

A jury will take a long weekend break in its deliberations on whether Justin Stein murdered his then-partner's nine-year-old daughter before dumping her body in a barrel.

On Friday, Justice Helen Wilson sent the 12 jurors home for King's Birthday weekend after they asked to see further transcripts from the trial as they considered their verdict.

"Thank you very much for your work this week. I hope you have a pleasant weekend," she told them.
Better be back Monday by or after lunch (what most do). Honestly it should be as Daybell was where they can deliberate the weekend and come back whenever. Courts need to start operating as the rest of the world does. Imo three hours should have been enough. And then they had Friday but instead long weekend break was given.

Not impressed. Where is the question in this case? I don't see one.
yeah a young girl from all we know and are to believe murdered by this loser and no word.

I actually was impressed with daybell that the jury could choose how late to deliberate and if they wanted to go through the weekend the court would accommodate. Night or day, all weekend or not.

I am not a Boyce fan or was not and I feel he lost Lori the DP BUT in the years that one went on and his handling of the trials and learning, I have changed my opinion some.

May surprise some that I can do that lol. Change opinion.

Justin Laurens Stein found guilty of shooting murder of nine-year-old Charlise Mutten​

The former partner of nine-year-old Charlise Mutten's mother has been found guilty of her shooting murder in the NSW Blue Mountains in January 2022.

It took the jury around a week and a half to find Stein guilty of murder.

He will face a sentence hearing in August.

The maximum penalty for murder in NSW is life imprisonment.

Justin Laurens Stein found guilty of shooting murder of nine-year-old Charlise Mutten​

The former partner of nine-year-old Charlise Mutten's mother has been found guilty of her shooting murder in the NSW Blue Mountains in January 2022.

It took the jury around a week and a half to find Stein guilty of murder.

He will face a sentence hearing in August.

The maximum penalty for murder in NSW is life imprisonment.
Wow! That was a long deliberation for a guilty verdict!
Wow! That was a long deliberation for a guilty verdict!
NO kidding especially considering how the facts in this case are very damning, even so guilty verdicts are usually fairly quick, usually that long is due to arguments and ends in a hung jury.

But I have no idea what their system is like, maybe more is required, maybe less time is given each day to deliberate, maybe one person needed to be convinced and was on the fence... Maybe they did not deliberate every day all day. It sure does though seem like a long time and waiting for them to come back so long had me wondering why such trouble finding him guilty and thinking something was wrong OR that they weren't going to reach a guilty verdict...

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