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I have seen this a couple of times and I would suggest watching it as a very controversial case of the right to defend one's own property or self. Had the homeowner not recorded himself or done or went as far as he did, I think the outcome would have been far different. However, the fact remains had these teenagers stayed off of other people's property and not broken in, they would be alive today. I myself have varying opinions on it. It is an interesting case, I have watched it a few times.

I felt there might be interest in such a discussion because in the Arbery case, the stand your ground thing has been mentioned and in that case, I see no way it applies, imo, however, it is something that has been in the news in recent times, such rights and laws and what they mean. Citizen's arrest would be another topic close to such discussion.

Anyhow, This MN case is a bit older but has two very distinct sides to it and is a great example to start off with...

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Thanks @GrandmaBear - interesting video

Seems to me he was a paranoid individual - serious issues there, but I very much believe in the Castle Doctrine. Despite their young ages, those two were committing crimes. Had they not clearly trespassed & broken into posted property they would not have been shot dead.
Nine shots may be overkill, but they were uninvited, unlawfully, in his home.

So who disagrees?


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i absolutely do not disagree! I'm in Texas and yes, it's an open carry state. Which means anyone carrying has a gun in their home. About two years ago, there was a very short outbreak of home invasions in my town - I think they managed three before someone got a shot at them. The home invasions ceased. I doubt that I would ever take a shot at someone just for being on my property, but if they are in the house, all bets are off. I don't think you're within your rights to bait someone or lie in wait, but if someone comes into my home while I am there, I am going to assume they are willing to harm me and mine. And that's not happening.

I was raised on a farm around guns and they don't bother me. But I've watched so many shows and cases where people, especially women, have no weapons to defend themselves with - a baseball bat, a big stick, an air horn, wasp spray - something!! Makes me crazy - and unfortunately, it's not a long trip.


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During Citizen's Academy, the county detectives talked to us about Oregon law in regards to defending ourselves and/or our home. They said we need to make sure we are in the right because witnesses often turn on the shooter and lie about what occurred. For example, if two are breaking in and you shoot one of them and the other lives to tell a lie. They also said the person defending themselves is usually handcuffed and taken in, so be ready for that, too.

I hope and pray I'm never put in that position - for everyone's sake!

ETA: I have a conceal carry permit.


I think though sad these youngsters died, the fact is they were on someone else's property, they broke someone else's window, etc. This man did not go look for them or break into their home and kill them.

I know what it feels like to be scared of someone or know someone has been in your home, the fear, the violation. He also had called the cops on prior occasions or at least one time. Were they doing anything about it? It was said that the male was suspected in previous break-ins...

I do think his actions and recording his talk out loud remarks are debatable or possibly overkill but the event that caused all of this was these two breaking the law and making a very bad choice. One should have a right to feel safe and secure in their own home at the very least. I was left with the feeling some in the area thought he was a different duck and targeted him... Maybe originally from there years before but he was new to town in a way...

Also, if this had been a pair of male former felons middle aged I think this would be looked at differently by many...

It is truly debatable his reaction but I come back to nothing would have happened had these two young teenagers not done as they had and they would be alive. The term "lure" is not fair either. No one could lure me to break and enter someone's home or to commit such a crime.

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