NJ CAPE MAY JOHN DOE: WM, 48-52, found on Cape May City Beach at Patterson Avenue, NJ - 31 Jul 1985

609UMNJ - Unidentified Male


Reconstruction of the decedent.

Date of Discovery: July 31, 1985
Location of Discovery: Cape May, Cape May County, New Jersey
Estimated Date of Death: July 30, 1985
State of Remains: Recognizable face
Cause of Death: Unknown

Physical Description

Estimated Age: 48-52
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10" to 6'0"
Weight: 105-115
Hair Color: Gray, balding. Wore a mustache.
Eye Color: Green
Distinguishing Marks/Features: No scars, marks, or tattoos.


Dentals: Available. He had full upper dentures and only 3 bottom teeth. To review dental chart, click here.
Fingerprints: Available
DNA: Not Available

Clothing & Personal Items

Clothing: Light blue long sleeved shirt, blue t-shirt, green boxer shorts, dark blue trousers. Laundry mark on his outer shirt (B-SRBRO)
Jewelry: Watch
Additional Personal Items: Black oxford shoes with arches and black socks. Handkerchief with monogram “Bâ€

Circumstances of Discovery

The decedent was found on Cape May City Beach at Patterson Avenue. The body is believed to have only been in the water for less than twelve hours.

Investigating Agency(s)

Agency Name: New Jersey State Police
Agency Phone Number: 800-709-7090 or Cape May PD at: 609-884-9500
Agency E-Mail: missingp@gw.njsp.org
Agency Case Number: 0P-78A-85

Agency Name: New Jersey Southern Regional Medical Examiner Office
Agency Phone Number: 609-861-3355
Agency Case Number: 05850190

NCIC Case Number: U165638869
NamUs Case Number: 1530

Information Source(s)

New Jersey State Police

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I was seeing that this man is very thin but in his 2 profiles Namus and Doe there is no trace of a cancer or any disease that made him lose weight, very particular but maybe it's just his physical constitution.

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