OH BRIAN GOFF & JONI DAVIS: Missing from St. Clairsville, OH - 10 June 2018 - Age 64 & 55 *Found Deceased*


FBI seeks help in finding missing man, woman from eastern Ohio last seen 3 years ago​

The FBI's field office in Cincinnati is asking for help in locating two people who have been missing from eastern Ohio since 2018.

Brian Goff and Joni Davis were last seen on June 20, 2018 leaving a Pizza Hut in St. Clairsville in a 1990 blue, four-door Oldsmobile 88 with Ohio plate EYA 7284.

The FBI says neither has been seen nor heard from since.

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MEDIA - BRIAN GOFF & JONI DAVIS: Missing from St. Clairsville, OH - 10 June 2018 - Age 64 & 55
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  • Davis suffered from permanent brain damage after she sustained a traumatic brain injury at age 35 and was in a coma for months. As a result, she suffers from seizures and needs full-time care. She requires life-sustaining medication which she doesn't have with her. She is classified as disabled.
Goff disappeared with his girlfriend, Joni Davis, on June 10, 2018. They were last seen leaving the Pizza Hut in St. Clairsville, Ohio, driving a blue four-door 1990 Oldsmobile 88 with the Ohio license plate number EYA 7482. A photo of the car is posted with this case summary. The couple traveled north on Route 7. Neither of them have been heard from again and their vehicle hasn't been located.

Prior to going missing, Goff and Davis kept to themselves and had a routine, and they rarely left the local area. They had been together for twenty-five years. After Davis's mother died in 2013, Goff became her caregiver, and they lived with his twin brother at his home in Martins Ferry, Ohio.

Investigators stated they don't believe Goff and Davis are still alive and they think foul play was involved in the couple's disappearance. The pair's loved ones can't think of any reason anyone would have wanted to harm them, however. Their cases remain unsolved.



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“It’s not gonna go away”: Family still searching for Brian & Joni after three years​

It’s been over three years, a Belmont County couple, 64-year-old Brian Goff and 56-year-old Joni Davis disappeared without a trace.

The missing persons case has baffled investigators from two sheriff’s departments to the FBI.

June 10 was the third anniversary of the couple’s disappearance.

Two different issues hampered this case from the start. First, the fact that they were “a couple” led people to believe they had just taken off, perhaps for a spontaneous vacation. Only their family knew they were methodical and would never deviate from their schedule, but their absence wasn’t taken seriously.

Second, at the very same time, a woman in Bridgeport was murdered and that was a priority. Amy Butler was found shot to death outside her home. Her husband, the suspect, was on the run. Law enforcement had their hands full.

The time delay gave the perpetrators in Joni and Brian’s disappearance the gift of extra time.

In this case, their large light blue Oldsmobile disappeared along with Brian and Joni.

How do you make a car disappear? Three years, and that car, which is one in a million, and nobody saw it?

The couple’s cell phone pinged for the final time on Rush Run in Jefferson County. It was a clear summer evening, people were out, and may have seen something that didn’t register at the time.


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DEVELOPING: Bodies of couple missing from the Ohio Valley since 2018 found

Officials have confirmed a duo missing since June 2018 has been found.

The bodies of Brian Goff and Joni Davis were located inside the car they were last seen -- a light blue Oldsmobile 88 -- in the Ohio River by Southern Illinois diving group “ChaosDivers."

Seatbelts in the vehicle remained fastened when the divers were able to get a look inside the car on Thursday, officials said.

The couple was last seen leaving the St. Clairsville Pizza Hut in on June 10, 2018. Security cameras last showed their vehicle going north on Ohio 7 near the Hanover Fuel Stop in Martins Ferry toward the Little Rush Run area, which is where they were ultimately located.

A cell phone ping in 2018 actually put searchers within a mile of the eventual location of the car.

“They searched a lot of ground on foot in the area where the ping was coming at the time they became missing,” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said.

“It’s a relief for all of us, especially the family that now can put their family members actually to rest,” Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas said.

Officials say they won’t know the cause of death until autopsies are complete. And that cold take a while.

“The cause of death, we don’t know,” Abdalla said. “We may never know. It all depends on the conditions of the remains. Is there enough evidence there to tell us what caused the death? Is there a skull there that maybe has a bullet hole in it? We don’t know. We’ll know after the autopsy is complete. But a lot of times autopsies take forever.

"The main thing is it’ll come to a conclusion and peace of mind for the families.”

A team of experts from Ohio BCI will be combing the car Friday for clues of what might have happened. There is no obvious indication of foul play.

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