United Kingdom BABY S: Baby girl found dead at Suffolk, England recycling center

Suffolk: Inquest into death of baby found at recycling centre opened

An inquest has been opened into the death of a baby girl found at a recycling centre in Suffolk earlier in May.

The child, known only as Baby S, was found by a member of staff at the centre in Needham Market in Suffolk on 14 May.

Police have since asked for the baby's mother to come forward, saying they are concerned for her wellbeing.

Following the discovery, detective chief superintendent Eamonn Bridger, said police "reasonably suspect that the baby was less than 48 hours old".

He said the mother would be "needing emotional support and urgent medical care".

"There is no doubt that she may be frightened but it is very important that we reach her or we speak to someone who might know her," he said.

The cause of death was provisionally recorded as "undetermined", adding further tests are required and could take some time.


Newborn baby's body found at Suffolk recycling centre

The body of a baby has been found at a recycling centre, as police say they believe the newborn could have been collected by a waste disposal team during their rounds.

Suffolk Police yesterday said that the body of the baby girl, who was discovered at Sackers Yard Recycling Centre in Needham Market, may have been taken there in a refuse collection from the Ipswich area.

Officers were called to the Ipswich Road recycling centre where she was found by staff at 3pm on Thursday.

The baby is understood to have been born within a 48-hour period before the discovery and appeared to have been carried to full term, or close to full term.

But police said it was too early to establish if the baby had been alive for any of that 48-hour period.

Sackers Yard said they believed the body had been found very quickly after it arrived on site.

"We currently suspect the baby was brought in through refuse collection, rather than deposited at the site."

"I am making a direct appeal to this baby’s mother.
"There is no doubt that she may be frightened but it is very important that we reach her or we speak to someone who might know her.
"We believe the baby was born very recently so the mother may require medical assistance and we would urge her to speak to a healthcare professional or to attend a hospital."
Police want anyone who has any information that may assist the investigation to speak to them as soon as possible.
Anyone who believes they have information should contact Suffolk police on 101.
A Home Office post-mortem examination was carried out yesterday, with the initial findings proving to be undetermined, pending further investigations.

Officers say that further investigations could take some time.
Urgent Christmas plea to find mum of newborn baby girl found dead at recycling centre after she was dumped in a bin
As part of the probe, officers have scoured more than 11,000 hours of CCTV footage and visited over 800 addresses.

Items were seized at the recycling centre but none of them proved helpful in the search for the baby's parents.

A Home Office post-mortem examination was held on May 19, with the initial findings needed more investigation.

DI Karl Nightingale said: "We are still investigating the tragic circumstances that led to this newborn baby girl being found.

“Although it has been just over seven months since she was found, we want to reassure everyone that we are doing all we can; remaining determined and hopeful of identifying her parents.
Checking for updates and found that this little one is still unidentified.

Following an inquest which heard she died from a brain injury, a funeral was held for Baby S in February 2022 and after allowing time for her burial ground to settle, a teddy bear headstone was placed.

Three years on, Sackers has planted Forget-me-nots at her grave in the Millenium Cemetery on Tuddenham Road, Ipswich.


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