NV AMANDA LEE FRAVEL: Missing from Las Vegas, NV - 13 June 1986 - Age 20 - Rose tattoo on left hand


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Amanda Lee Fravel
64-65 inches tall
green eyes
110 lbs
tattoo of a rose on left hand
brown hair, would bleach her hair blond

Amanda worked at a Taco Bell restaurant. She did not own a vehicle, and frequently got around by hitchhiking. Friends later stated that she had stopped hitchhiking due to a bad experience. She moved to Las Vegas from California in 1985. Amanda had an unhappy and chaotic home life and childhood growing up in California.
On the day of her disappearance, her roommate, who went by the name of "Lew Frank", told police that Amanda had left their South 3rd St. apartment, planning to go pick up her paycheck and visit her ex-boyfriend. She never arrived at either place. When Amanda's parents arrived at her apartment after her disappearance, all of her things had been packed up and her two kittens had not been fed or cared for since her disappearance.

"Lew Frank" claimed to be from Georgia, but did not speak with a discernible Southern accent. In 1986, he appeared to be in his late forties; many of the visitors to his apartment were much younger; and Nevada state records have no trace of anyone named "Lew Frank". His true name and current whereabouts are unknown. He told police he had come to Nevada to open a brothel. Amanda's parents and friends suspected him in Amanda's disappearance.

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Louis Franklin "Real Last Name?"
Frank Louis "Real Last Name"?
I wonder if LE ran variations of that name through a database in the last 5 years or so.
Were they able to get something with his fingerprints on it in 1986?


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I know cell phones were not common then but I wonder if anyone who knew him has a picture of him or knew more about him?

One would think there would have been prints on the things he packed up or did he leave and a landlord pack them?

So her paycheck was not picked up? I wonder if there was one or he lied about that.

Just thoughts.


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Whoa. I definitely think this person had everything to do with her going missing. I have a great uncle who spelled his name Lewis rather than Louis. However, I highly doubt he was using his real name if he was going over there to open a brothel.


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Although brothels are legal there or at least in some of that area so why hide the name? Interesting he was hanging around always younger people, maybe he was running prostitution out on the streets or out of the home?

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