Belize ALISON MACKENZIE: Missing from Rendezvous Caye, Belize - 18 Jan 2020 - Age 43


Alison MacKenzie, a 43 year old mother from Prescott, Arizona has been missing since January 18, 2020 from the tiny of Rendezvous Caye off the coast of Belize. Alison was vacationing in Belize with her boyfriend and went on an Catamaran tour to the Island where they camped overnight. The following morning at 6:00 am Alison was discovered to be missing.
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American Woman Disappears on Rendezvous Caye
posted (January 20, 2020)

A 48-year-old American woman has been missing for over 60 hours. Alison MacKenzie came to Belize along with her boyfriend Paige Rote last month. The couple intended to stay in the country until May, but on Friday they joined an overnight sailing tour from Caye Caulker that took them and 13 others to beautiful Rendezvous Caye. That's where Alison disappeared. On Saturday morning at departure time, Rote informed the Boat Captain fro Raggamuffin Tours that Mackenzie was nowhere to be found

Today Sr. Superintendent Hilberto Romero told us that ahead of her disappearance Alison MacKenzie had been drinking.


Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero, Deputy Head, NCIB
"On Saturday police responded to a report at Rendevous Caye situated at 21 miles east of Belize City where Paige Roth reported his girlfriend Alison MacKenzie, 43 years old, missing information is that they arrived on the island on Friday and were camped in tents and she was last seen walking around the island around 10 pm. On Saturday around 6 am Paige Roth reported that when he woke up he could not find his girlfriend and he made this report to the boat captain who then conducted a search of the island and she was not found. Information is that she was drinking on Friday night."

They were in Caye Caulker prior to arriving at Rendevous Caye and they were at Rendevous Caye on Friday. So they were at Caye Caulker they departed on a tour from there."

Cherisse Halsall:
"Who was the tour Company?"

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero
"Raggamuffin Tours."

"Well these tours operate independently and that is a part of what they provide in those tours they camp on those islands and they stay there for the night. I'm not sure what security measures they have in place but these are isolated islands and they remain there on their own."

"Her personal belongings were found on the island. There is nothing to suggest that any craft or anything is missing at this time."

"Investigators are on the island and searches are being conducted to find out what are the circumstances that led to her disappearance. At this time there's not much to go on and investigators are working on the case."

Cherisse Halsall:
"Sir, is Mr Roth a suspect in her disappearance at this time?"

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero
"I will not call him a suspect. We are conducting an investigation and as we gather the information we will try to ascertain what transpired." "She came to Belize in December and was to stay up until the month of May 2020."

"The police along with the coast guard will continue with their searches in that general area and if the search needs to be expanded then that will be done during the course of today to see if anything is found."

Allison Mcenzie's sister says she had never seen her drunk a day in her life and she is appealing to the other 13 passengers who must have seen something. We spoke to her via phone in Arizona today:..

Voice of: Jodie Dixon, sister of Alison MacKenzie

"I wish we knew something, but I think we know exactly what you all know - she went on a tour to go snorkeling on a little island and in the morning she was gone."

"Belizean police were saying this morning that her fellow passengers says that she was intoxicated that night. Is that something strange to hear?"

Voice of: Jodie Dixon
"Yes, because my sister didn't typically drink. We've been around each other our whole entire life and she was not a drinker. I don't know, she was on a cruise on vacation and to my knowledge I talk to the company and they serve like a rum punch or something. At the end of the day I don't know. I wasn't there. It's not typical, like it doesn't say to me oh gosh she was drinking, it's just I don't know. I will say it's not like her to be intoxicated. Maybe have a drink, but to be intoxicated, I've never seen her drunk in my life. When I talk to Raggamuffin Tours there was a woman that I spoke to on the phone her name was Charlie and she told me that the captain of the tour was the last person to see my sister - that she was walking on the beach after everybody had gone to bed, which is not unusual. She is absolutely love the beach. She was afraid to swim in the ocean, but she loved the beach and and this is what the tour lady told me, not the police and not Paige - she said that the captain walker her back over to her tent and told her that she shouldnt be out at night and he made sure she got back in her tent, so and that was suposedly like 2:30 in the morning. So a report about 10pm at night is confusing to me."

"What I really want to say is everything she wrote to me since she's been there because she's been there over a month, she says your country is absolutely beautiful and she was having a very good time and she was very happy there."

"What our family would like is just anybody who was on the island if you have information about her state of mind at the time. The tour company says that she had a very beautiful day snorkeling and that she was very nice to everybody and polite and helpful and she was getting on great with everybody and that everybody like her. So somebody had to have had communication with her, but I don't know why nobody is speaking up, like why isn't one of those other 15 people that was on that tour - what are they saying, what are their thoughts, what did they think happened?"
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Arizona tourist reported missing during catamaran tour in Belize, police say
By Ray Sanchez, Tatiana Arias and Chuck Johnston, CNN

(CNN)A tourist from Arizona has gone missing while on a catamaran tour on Rendezvous Caye in Belize, police there said Wednesday.

Alison Mackenzie, 43, went missing early Saturday during an excursion that departed a day earlier from Caye Caulker, a small island off the coast of Belize, according to Crime Stoppers Belize, a community-based program that works with local law enforcement.

A US State Department official said the department was aware of reports that a US citizen went missing on Rendezvous Caye. Mackenzie is a mother of two and lives in Prescott, CNN Phoenix affiliate KPHO/KTVK said.

Hilberto Romero, deputy head of the Belize National Crimes Investigation Branch, told local news Channel 5 Belize that Mackenzie was last seen walking around the island about 10 p.m. Friday.
On Saturday morning, her boyfriend reported her missing, Romero told the station.

Mackenzie traveled to the Central American country in early December with her boyfriend, according to police. Raggamuffin Tours, the company that operated the excursion, confirmed the incident in a Facebook post and said it was cooperating with local authorities.

"We are in contact with and have offered our full cooperation to the family of Alison Mackenzie, and we assure them that we will continue do all in our power to assist law enforcement in their investigation into her disappearance," the post said.

Police told CNN they questioned other tourists on the trip and the investigation was ongoing. Mackenzie's sister, Jodie Dixon, told 7 News Belize she did not believe alcohol played a role in the disappearance,

"I will say it's not like her to be intoxicated," Dixon told the station. "Maybe have a drink, but to be intoxicated, like I've never seen her drunk in my life."

The missing woman's mother, Cherie Mackenzie, appealed on Facebook for help. "My whole family is beyond devastated, it just doesn't seem real," she wrote. "Her 2 daughters are past being consoled. They have lost their Mother and best friend. I want her home with us, no matter how she may be found. I want my daughter back."

Ragamuffin Tours declined comment.


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The woman's boyfriend has been identified as 58-year-old Paige Rote. The pair had come to Belize in December and intended to stay until May 2020. The couple (front center) pictured with friends in Belize in December.

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Do Rote’s Ramblings Reveal Anything About Alison?
posted (January 29, 2020)

Today on Facebook we saw an odd recording of the alleged boyfriend of a missing American tourist 48 year old Alison MacKenzie. Earlier this month, she went on a tour with her boyfriend Page Rote and 13 others on Raggamuffin Tours. She was last seen on Friday 17th., January - and intensive searches have found nothing.

And now there's this facebook recording from another American female tourist visiting Belize - Hedda Strickland. She was at Maya Beach Hotel Bistro in Placencia having a drink. Beside her at the bar was Page Rote.

He appeared inebriated and was talking about his missing girlfriend. While his words are clearly slurred, his plain spoke remarks urged Strickland remark in her facebook post that she was chilled to the bone. We transcribed the recordings from her facebook page and present them to you tonight. Here are his words courtesy Hedda Strickland's facebook post.

Alleged Boyfriend
"She not on the island."

Female tourist
"Where she at now?"

Alleged Boyfriend
"She gone she gone she gone into that sea. And that sea the admiral say she went over the Barrier Reef."

Female Tourist
"How did she get out there though?"

Alleged Boyfriend
"Well if you slip in that sea on #$% Rendezvous Caye you know that boy you are dead."

Female tourist
"No, I have never been out to Rendezvous Caye."

Alleged Boyfriend
"You can not you can not."

Female Tourist
"Isn't Rendezvous Caye right off from Belize City?"

Alleged boyfriend
"No no there is 3 Rendevous Caye. The one from Belize City is 3 hours 4 hours.. inaudible and if you slip off that Caye… you go straight into the Barrier Reef and you either go over into Alligator Caye or you go to Honduras. One or the other $%#%& and the whole way, sharks are going to eat the living $%^#& **** out of you. At midnight, at midnight you are going to go swimming out there at midnight? No you wouldn't. You are a liar. Not on the reef On the reef right on the reef you are a liar. You would never swim on that reef at midnight."

"Woman is loco Everyone at Ragamuffin say they were up at 12:30 at night and she was digging in that sand why you don't wake me up? So I can wrap her up in a blanket, wrap her and tie her up your know what I mean . We gonna tie her up until morning "

While these recordings do not a compelling case make, they are notable as the missing tourist is still unaccounted for and feared dead. Those we spoke to with knowledge of the area say that indeed there's a channel just southeast of Rendezvous caye. If what Ragamuffin is saying happened to her really occured, there is the possibility of her being swept out to sea.

The Belize Coast Guard called off her water search on Thursday of last week. The investigation continues and is aided with an extension of resources from the FBI.
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Report: A Prescott Woman Is Still Missing In Belize And May Have Drowned

A Prescott woman, who went missing in Belize back in January, may have drowned. The “Daily Courier” reports 43-year-old Alison MacKenzie was on a catamaran tour off the coast of Belize on January 18th when she disappeared. Alison’s mother told the paper her daughter was last seen by her boyfriend, 58-year-old Paige Rote while they were camping with a group of other tourists on a very small island. When he woke up, Alison was no where to be found. Alison has lived in Prescott since 1998 and has two grown children.

The FBI has told the family that they still haven’t found Alison’s body and they believe she may have drowned.


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Rendezvous Caye, Belize



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A pair of tourists walk on the golden sand of the tiny island of Rendezvous Caye in the Belize Barrier Reef, off the coast of Belize, Central America



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This case is so bizarre. The Island Alison vanished from is TINY and us reported to be less than an acre in size, she can't be on the Island anymore. The waters are so calm and clear, and there appears to be sandbars and there is numerous other small Islands nearby on the reef, if she drowned I'd imagine her body would have been found by now unless there was a strong current.

I'm curious about Alison's erratic behavior the night of her disappearance, a tour employee told her sister that the Captain of the tour group was the last person to see Alison and reportedly walked her back to her tent at 2:30 am saying that she shouldn't be out at night. Did anyone else witness this?

Alison's boyfriends drunken ramblings are interesting too. He implied that Alison was going ''loco'' and that everyone at the tour group stated that she was digging in the sand, but never woke him up to to help her. There is reports of Alison being intoxicated but her sister stated she hardly drank, she did mention though that apparently the tour company served a rum punch, so that might have done it.


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And what about substance abuse in her past? This is so crazy , given the size of that island, the only other theory I have would be a conspiracy of the Crew, her boyfriend and the other guests.... which even to me sounds far-fetched. Normally on such a tiny island you hear EVERYTHING the others are doing.

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last seen digging in the sand...could she have been buried in the sand, as in a collapse or actually buried? The options seem pretty slim for her to just disappear there.


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This is so strange. Personally I don't see the appeal of staying over night on an island that small, perhaps for a day trip, sure, or maybe if you knew everyone in your group and went as a group. These cases that happen in tropical vacation spots never seem to have a lot of info. I did a bit of a search and here is a 3 day 2 night trip to this area. They feed them on the beach with doing all the cooking on the catamaran. There are 3 days of fishing, snorkeling, etc. so I do get that part of the appeal I guess if this is the type of trip they were on. This person wrote a review and there are more pictures and it gives some insight into crew, catamaran, etc. even a pic of the tents.

There seem to be very few possibilities of what happened here if it happened on this small island....

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