NC ABBY LYNN PATTERSON: Missing from Lumberton, NC - 5 Sept 2017 - Age 20



“Detectives have followed a number of leads, but have not determined what happened to Abby after she left her home last year,” Capt. Parker says in a press release Wednesday morning.

A missing person report from the Lumberton police says Patterson had returned home from rehab just days before she vanished. The 20-year-old had only been in Lumberton a few days before her disappearance, the police report states. Before that, she was in rehab in Florida for heroin addiction, according to the report. Patterson had last lived in Lumberton about three years prior.

Shortly after Patterson’s disappearance last year, Samantha Lovette, Patterson’s mother, said neighbors saw Patterson get into a car down the street from Lovette’s home. Police describe the person in the car as an “acquaintance.”

The driver told police that Patterson was dropped off at another location, but police declined to say where that was.

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Or (unfortunately) she could have relapsed and OD somewhere and hasn't been found. This is a very sad story that doesn't look to have received much media coverage. It's like if someone made a bad decision in life(drugs, prostitution, stripping etc) that's all they are looked at as for the rest of their lives. Then it's as if they are somehow lower priority than everyone else. JMO


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Well in a city of approx 20,000 (google), three other women found dead in recent months seems a bit odd. I live some of the time in a city far larger than that and I can't name three foul play deaths in the past how many years... Did they solve any of those I wonder?

And of course, the most likely person is the one who dropped her off somewhere unless LE has verified that is the truth and she was dropped off somewhere.

I find it odd they say she last lived in Lumberton three years ago and only recently returned there and had been in rehab. I have read that twice and what am I missing? Meaning I doubt rehab was three years in length. I don't know that it means anything but something is missing in that story and timeline.

Something else I find notable is she told her mother by text she would be gone an hour and by 6 p.m. the same day the mother reported her missing. That is quick to believe someone is missing so is the car seen picking her up someone that she worried about, or they worried about, so she let her mom know it should only be an hour so as to give a parameter of any longer, to be alarmed? I wonder...

Of course, she could have willingly went and went back to an old lifestyle. She has been missing three years though with no contact...


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In the months prior to Patterson's disappearance, three women were found dead under unclear circumstances in Lumberton. The bodies of Rhonda Jones and Kristin "Christina" Bennett were found fifty yards apart from each other on April 18, and the body of Megan Oxendine was found two city blocks away on June 3.

All the women were found naked and in various stages of decay. All of them had struggled with drug addiction, as Patterson had, and the cause and circumstances of their deaths remain unclear.

Authorities stated there were few similarities between Patterson's case and the other women's deaths, and they don't think her case is related to the others. At the time of her disappearance, Patterson was visiting her mother in Lumberton after a stint in a Florida drug rehabilitation program; she lived in Jacksonville, Florida and had last lived in Lumberton three years before. Her case remains unsolved.



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Sounds like they don't think the cases are related but it's somewhat relevant to Abby's case anyway.

FBI raises reward to $40,000 after 3 Lumberton women found dead 4 years ago​

The Federal Bureau of Investigation increased the reward to $40,000 for information on what led to the deaths of three Lumberton women who died within a few weeks of each other in 2017.

Megan Oxendine, Rhonda Jones, and Christina Bennett were all found dead within a four-block radius between April 18, 2017, and June 3, 2017. In the year after their deaths, the FBI said it was assisting Lumberton police and more than 400 interviews had been conducted and more than 50 leads were followed.

The FBI’s reward was previously $30,000.

Abby Patterson, 21, has been missing from Lumberton since September 2017. In November 2018, 13-year-old Hania Aguilar was kidnapped and later found murdered.


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Still no answers in disappearance of Lumberton girl missing for 4 years
Lumberton police continue their efforts to find Abby Lynn Patterson after she disappeared four years ago on Sept. 5, 2017.

"The Lumberton Police Department is still actively investigating her disappearance," according to Cpt. Terry Parker.

Parker said the FBI created a poster with information on Patterson's disappearance to help "publicize her disappearance and the ongoing investigation to locate her."

Parker said detectives have followed a number of leads, but have not determined what happened to Abby after she left her home.

Abby’s mother, Samantha Lovette, released the following statement:

Abby's smile lit up every room, but the room went dark for our family on September the 5th, 2017. Everyday our mind and hearts question where and why this has happened to our sweet Abby. I can only pray that our grief, desperation, prayers and hope to find Abby will outweigh the evil that has left us with the unknown for 4 horrific years. Abby is loved by so many, some that don't even know her. God will prevail and give us the answers we need to bring her back home to us. I am her voice and I will keep screaming her name. I will never give up! Please share Abby's beautiful face, it has been 4 years too long. Please join the Find Abby Facebook page and keep sharing. Thank you all for your continous love, support and prayers.


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