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  1. Romulus

    LA ORLEANS PARISH JANE DOE: WF, 33-44, found near I-10 in Orleans Parish, LA - 3 Dec 1982 - Samuel Little victim

    1509UFLA - Unidentified Female Reconstruction of the victim by LSU FACES; composite sketch by confessed killer. Date of Discovery: December 3, 1982 Location of Discovery: Orleans Parish, Louisiana Estimated Date of Death: 1982 State of Remains: Partial skeletal Cause of Death: Homicide...
  2. Scorpio

    MD PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY JANE DOE: WF, 20-25, found near Rt. 197 in Laurel, MD - Samuel Little victim, possibly from MA

    Prince George's County Jane Doe was a woman found in Maryland in 1972. Serial killer Samuel Little confessed to her murder along with the slayings of nearly 100 people...
  3. Romulus

    GA RISING FAWN JANE DOE: WF, 16-35, found east side of the northbound Interstate 59 lane in Fawn Rising, GA - 16 Dec 1988

    26UFGA - Unidentified Female Reconstructions of the victim by Kelly and Marla Lawson. Date of Discovery: December 16, 1988 Location of Discovery: Rising Fawn, Dade County, Georgia Estimated Date of Death: 1988 State of Remains: Decomposed Cause of Death: Homicide by strangulation Physical...

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