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  1. Akoya

    MN GOODHUE COUNTY INFANT DOE ABBY: NF, newborn, found at Lake Pepin, MN - 26 March 2007

    The body of a newborn girl was found March 26, 2007 at the Treasure Island Marina in Welch, Minnesota. This is one of three cases of newborns found in the county in 8 years. In 1999, a boater found the body of a newborn girl near a marina in Red Wing and in 2003, the body of a newborn boy was...
  2. Akoya

    MN GOODHUE COUNTY INFANT DOE: WM, newborn, found at Lake Pepin, MN - 7 December 2003 *IDENTIFIED*

    The live-born infant male was found on the edge of Lake Pepin. The estimated birth time was 2 days to 2 weeks from the date of discovery. The decedent is genetically related maternally to the infant in case# GC99-158...
  3. Akoya

    MN RED WING JAMIE INFANT DOE: WF, newborn, found in Goodhue County, MN - 4 November 1999 *IDENTIFIED*

    A full term infant with umbilical cord still attached was found 10 yds north of the Mississippi shore near 800 Levee Dr, Redwing MN. The body showed slight signs of decomposition upon discovery. The infant had not been in the water for long. The race of the decedent is most likely white. This...

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