Unidentified 1900 to 1979

Plaquemines Parish John Doe (1975) On February 14, 1975, a teenage body was found dead in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. He committed suicide by hanging himself with a bed sheet from a persimmon tree. He was about 16 or 17 years old and wore yellow and maroon shirt, blue pants, mismatched socks and no shoes. Leaning against the tree was a jar filled with papers. The papers turned out to be a lengthy suicide note. It was addressed to "Mom and Dad". He wrote in part: "When you stop growing you are dead. I stopped growing long ago. I never did develop into a real person and I cannot tolerate the false and empty existence I have created". In his note to officers who found his body, he said: "You are bound to preserve domestic peace and...
Nassau Drive Jane Doe Date Discovered: Sunday, July 22nd, 1979 Discovery Location: Nassau Drive, Old Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana *Edge of Old Metairie Golf Course Physical Description: Race: Caucasian Sex: Female Age: 15-16 Years Old Height: 5’5”-5’6” (65”-66”) Weight: 120 lbs. Head Hair: Brown – Light Brown Facial Hair: Eye Color: Blue Clothing: Maroon dress, brown heeled shoes, brown purse Jewelry: Misc. Items: Business cards, Interpersonal Connection Condition of Remain: Recognizable face Characteristics/Medical/Scars: Transportation: Postmortem Interval: Hours Estimated Year of Death: 1979 Cause of Death: Stabbing Fingerprint Status: Dental Status: DNA Status: Circumstances: The unidentified young woman’s body was...

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