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Sociopaths - how to identify and protect yourself from them

Discussion in 'Community Outreach' started by Lily, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    I think for some, though, the problem is more deeply hard-wired, rather than destructive re-wiring that happens during emotional trauma, which I do believe can be healed in many cases, especially where the child is young enough to adapt. IOW, you can heal a broken limb, but you can't make one grow that isn't there to begin with.

    In any case, all children need and deserve love, no child is better off without it.

    There ought to be more like you in the world, Kim.
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  2. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member



    You've Met One Today: 5 Creepy True Facts About Psychopaths
    By Joseph Joyce | October 23, 2015

    Hey, remember that time there was a mass murder and the media blamed it on the shooter's autism? Or all those serial killer movies where the murderer is driven by hallucinations and/or schizophrenia? For some reason our society has decided that the mentally ill are all ticking time bombs, when statistically they're no more dangerous than everyone else. But you know who should scare you?

  3. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member


    Brian Basham: Beware corporate psychopaths – they are still occupying positions of power
    Outlook Over the years I've met my fair share of monsters – rogue individuals, for the most part. But as regulation in the UK and the US has loosened its restraints, the monsters have proliferated.

    In a paper recently published in the Journal of Business Ethics entitled "The Corporate Psychopaths: Theory of the Global Financial Crisis", Clive R Boddy identifies these people as psychopaths...
  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    They can lurk ANYWHERE! :eek:
  5. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    And some people in government want to get rid of the SEC. They can't do that so they're defunding it to death. Just makes it a lot easier for psychopathic financial advisers and CEO's to destroy our system for their gain.

  6. FlandersFields

    FlandersFields Well-Known Member

    I can relate. Although at times, I think it's more of a hinderance, I thank God for making me a empath. Just when I think I'm weak, I realized that empaths are a lot stronger than most people think. Reading articles like these, help me to open my eyes to a lot of things, be cautious, not to blame myself, and learn to pick and choose your battles. Being informed is one of the best ways to deal with these types of situations. Thanks!
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  7. JJholiday

    JJholiday Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this thread.
    I was married to a sociopath for over 30 years. Didn't know he was trying to kill me after my baby was born. Sly bastard, I was so blind.
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  8. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    :hug: You are among friends here, JJH.
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  9. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    Me again. For being so aware of *most* narcissistic traits, I was completely blindsided by an emotional/victim narcissist (family member that I was caring for). Holy cow. No matter what we did for this person (new furniture, new appliances, new privacy fence..,,list goes on and on. And on...) if we went out to eat, we would be met with "must be nice....nobody ever takes me out to eat" (or movies, or backyard BBQ, or insert every sing,e thing you do. And then there's the "I can't read because my mama never taught me"...I got married because my mama told me to call him.....my husbands left because.....everybody always leaves me..... As am empath, I was the savior (of course) and got totally sucked in until I developed severe anxiety. Still battling the anxiety daily.

    Love to all of you who have had to deal with this!
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  10. spike

    spike Bronze Member

  11. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    You get the karma for being nice to someone like that though.
  12. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    Thank you Cousin. I need it!
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  13. JJholiday

    JJholiday Well-Known Member

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  14. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    OH NO...UH UH.
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  15. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Scary little kids in this.... born psychopaths/sociopaths.

  16. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    oh cripes, jjh.... that is terrible. :therethere:
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  17. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    Funny that this thread was bumped today. I just came back from doing my laundry and there was a guy there who never said a word, but damn he looked like a psychopath. Had a mean look on face too. [​IMG]
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  18. FlandersFields

    FlandersFields Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this.
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