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OK SANDY REA: Missing from Shawnee, OK - 19 September 1984 - Age 17

Discussion in 'Missing 1980 to 1989' started by Sailor Haumea, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member

    Sandy Pathresa Rea, 17, left Shawnee Bowl on Harrison in Shawnee, OK, on September 19, 1984 - and never came home.

    Rea had a history of accepting rides from strangers.

    This disappearance is right in my hometown. My father, while he never met Sandy, was at the same school. I've been in the bowling alley (It's still there).

    It's been 33 years!

    Edited to add media link: http://www.crimewatchers.net/forum/...ee-ok-on-september-19-1984.2787/#comment-2849
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  2. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member


    Ask just about anyone in Shawnee about one of the biggest mysteries here and many think of the missing persons case of Sandy Pathresa Rea.

    Back on Sept. 19, 1984, the freckled 17-year-old Shawnee teenager made a phone call from the Shawnee bowling alley in hopes of getting a ride to a party, but what happened after that is still a mystery.

    Now, 33 years later, the disappearance of Sandy Rea remains unsolved, but her family still hasn’t given up hope for closure.

    Over the decades, there have been many stories shared and theories pondered. There have even been organized digs done in the search for her remains.

    Sandy’s disappearance remains an open missing persons case with the Shawnee Police Department, but her family also hasn’t given up searching for Sandy — and the truth — on their own.

    Her cousin, Johnny Price, made a vow five years ago that he would find Sandy. He has since dedicated his life to the search and said he intends to keep that promise to his family, no matter how long it takes.

    For years, it was reported that Sandy was last seen at the Shawnee bowling alley on North Harrison Street, but witness statements in later years of the investigation indicated other possible sightings of her at parties, including one at Shawnee Twin Lakes.

    While the case has been assigned to different detectives over the years, hundreds of people have been interviewed as part of the investigation, and some people have been interviewed three or four times. Numerous leads have been followed and many places have been searched for a body, yet there’s been no sign of Sandy.

    Price, who said the family’s efforts have uncovered countless stories and possible scenarios, said the family feels certain they are looking for Sandy’s remains after all these years, but they still need that closure. He said Sandy’s mother, who conducted countless searches of her own over the years, needs to know what happened to her daughter and give her a proper burial.

    “I will not stop until Sandy is found,” Price said, adding there is someone out there who knows what truly happened.

    And while Price acknowledges that Sandy came from a broken family and had a rough life as a teen, she also was a “free spirit” who lived on her own, yet still managed to be a straight-A student. Price said Sandy trusted a lot of people and he fears that trust cost Sandy her life.

    Shawnee Police Detective Sgt. Ronnie Wilson, who is now assigned to the case, said they haven’t had any new leads that have developed in the case. And while police still have people calling in and giving them information, he said some of that information has been repetitive.

    Price, who said he knows investigative resources are often limited, said he’d like to the see some outside help, such as the case being investigated by a state or federal agency.

    Regardless, Price said he isn’t going to give up.

    “We just want to find Sandy and put her to rest,” Price said.

    Sandy is listed as missing in the database of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The latest age progression photograph shows what Sandy might have looked like at the age of 46.

    Anyone with information can call Detective Wilson, 405-878-1632.
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  3. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Sandy Rea.PNG
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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    What have the locals been saying? While town rumors aren't always 100% accurate, sometimes they have a tint of the truth to them.
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  5. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member

    I've only asked my parents.

    They have a rather simple answer - someone abducted and killed her.

    Unfortunately, that seems to be the truth behind almost every missing person case - someone killed them and we just don't have the body.

    Though the supposed sightings at parties afterwards is interesting.
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  6. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Is Sandy Rea listed with NamUs, DoeNetwork, Nampn, or the other official missing persons websites? Is there an official physical description, official contact information, assigned case numbers, DNA information, etc. that will help with her profile?
  7. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member

    Yes! Posted below. Had a hard time finding her on Nampn.
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  8. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member

    Case Information
    First name
    Middle name
    Last name

    NCMEC number
    Date last seen
    September 19, 1984 00:00
    Date entered
    Age last seen
    17 to 17 years old
    Age now
    50 years old

    Height (inches)
    Weight (pounds)
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  9. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member

    Name: Sandy Pathresa Rea
    Case Classification: Endangered Missing
    Missing Since: September 19, 1984
    Location Last Seen: Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
    Physical Description

    Date of Birth: November 25, 1966
    Age: 17 yrs old
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 111 lbs
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Nickname/Alias: None
    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Sandy has freckles; Appendectomy scar; Ears doubled pierced; The top of her right ear bends down and is smaller than her left ear.

    Dentals: Available
    Fingerprints: Not Available
    DNA: Available
    Clothing & Personal Items

    Clothing: Pink Jogging pant, grey half shirt with the initials "SHS" for Shawnee High School on the front, thong shoes.
    Jewelry: Unknown
    Additional Personal Items: Unknown
    Circumstances of Disappearance

    Sandy had moved out of her mother's house at age 16, and was living with a girlfriend's family before her disappearance. She worked at local restaurants to pay her own bills while a student at Shawnee High School, where she was was serving as VICA president. Rea walked to a convenience store at Highland and Bryan to get cigarettes the evening of September 19, 1984.

    Friends noticed her walking and picked her up before going to a Shawnee bowling alley. There, Rea asked her cousin, an employee there, to give her a ride to a party. He couldn't take her, but knew she made a phone call before leaving.

    Rea often accepted rides from strangers.

    Rea was never seen again.
    Investigating Agency(s)

    Agency Name: Shawnee Police Department
    Agency Contact Person: Detective Ron Wilson
    Agency Phone Number: 405-273-0989
    Agency E-Mail: rwilson@shawneeok.org
    Agency Case Number: H0738

    NCIC Case Number: M-454475775
    NamUs Case Number: 6559
    NCMEC Case Number: 603597

    Information Source(s)

    Admin Notes

    Added: Prior to 2011; Last Updated: 6/6/2017
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  10. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    Missing Since: September 19, 1984 from Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: November 25, 1966
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
    Weight: 111 lbs (50 kg)
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Sandy has freckles. The top of her
    right ear bends down and is smaller than her left ear. Appendectomy scar. Ears
    double pierced.
    Clothing: Pink Jogging pant, grey half shirt with the initials “SHS”
    for Shawnee High School on the front, thong shoes.
    Case Number: H0738
    NCIC Number: M-454475775
    NCMEC Number: 603597
    Dentals: Available
    DNA: Available

    Details of Disappearance
    Sandy was last seen at approximately 8:30 p.m. at a bowling alley in Shawnee, Oklahoma, with reports indicating she was trying to get a ride to a party and last seen making a phone call from the bowling alley.

    Witness statements in later years of the investigation indicated there were sightings of her at parties that same night at Shawnee Twin Lakes and a local motel.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Shawnee Police Department
    Detective Ron Wilson
    405-273-2121 OR 405-273-0989
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  11. Sailor Haumea

    Sailor Haumea Member

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