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NY HEIDI ALLEN: Missing from New Haven, NY - 3 April 1994 - Age 18

Discussion in 'Missing 1980 to 1999' started by Scorpio, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. TripleA

    TripleA Zoo Keeper

    I am disappointed.
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  2. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    Justice John Centra wrote a 15-page dissent calling for a new trial, The PDF can be read at the article above. In his dissent, he pointed out Jennifer Wescott's continued denial and deception regarding the recorded phone call with Tonya Priest and the 'absurd' explanations about why she gave an alibi for Roger Breckenridge, when she claims she didn't even know him. Why she texted someone that she gave a false statement to the police, and also why a friend was wrong when he claimed she texted him about her not telling anyone when she fled to Florida after Heidi disappeared.

    The majority noted that many of the theories put out there by the new suspects, contradicted each other. Such as Heidi being buried under a cabin, burned in a wood stove, or placed in a crushed van and taken to Canada. Centra noted, that all three of those events could have occurred.
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  3. TripleA

    TripleA Zoo Keeper

    I hope that Thibodeau's attorney is able to get an appeal heard in a higher court. I may be wrong, he may be guilty, but I really believe that there is enough evidence, new and old, that needs to be (re)considered in this case. All of the witnesses are somewhat unreliable because they all have their own butts to cover, but at the same time, so does the original LE and DAs office. Obviously SOMEONE is lying and/or screwed up. This was never, IMO, an open and shut, airtight case. It was always questionable which means he should not have been convicted.

    The best outcome would be a new trial that forces someone to take a deal and lead LE to Heidi's remains. She and her family deserve that.
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  4. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    Thibodeau case to be heard by state Court of Appeals

    SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The attorney representing Gary Thibodeau, the man convicted in the 1994 kidnapping of Heidi Allen, says he will have his case to overturn that conviction heard by New York's Court of Appeals.

    Lisa Peebles confirmed that she was notified Friday that the case is able to move forward, however a date for the case to be heard has not been set.

    The Court of Appeals will hear the same appeal of Oswego County Judge Daniel King's decision in 2016 to deny Thibodeau a new trial that was heard by the Appellate Division of the state Supreme Court earlier this year. On a 3-1 decision, the appellate court upheld Gary Thibodeau’s conviction in June.

    Thibodeau is the only man to be convicted in the disappearance of Heidi Allen, but asked for a new trial based on evidence of possible new suspects and new eyewitness testimony in the case.

    Two years ago Gary Thibodeau's attorney identified new suspects and evidence she believes was withheld from his original defense attorney. Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes disputed claims that any evidence was withheld and said the information pointing at new suspects was not credible. The judge overseeing Gary Thibodeau's appeal in Oswego County did not find the new information compelling enough to overturn his conviction.

    When asked about the Court of Appeals agreeing to hear the case, Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes said, "I feel confident in our case. We'll move forward with the Court of Appeals and hopefully we'll end up with the correct decision there as well."

    Allen was abducted from a New Haven convenience store where she worked on Easter Sunday in 1994. Gary Thibodeau was found guilty of kidnapping the Oswego County woman in August of 1995. Gary Thibodeau was found guilty of kidnapping the Oswego County woman. His brother Richard was acquitted of the same charges at trial.
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  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Well let's look at this new evidence and see where it goes.
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  6. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    This is the Dateline episode where i first learned about this case. I was angry watching it, i couldn't believe what i was hearing. The police stated Richard and Gary did it together, according to transactions recorded on the cash register. Richard, Gary's brother was the last person Heidi served before she was kidnapped. Gary was supposedly at home with his wife. Richard was acquitted, Gary was found guilty. They had basically the same evidence, yet two different trial outcomes.
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  7. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    There is some good information on a twitter account ran by Gary's family. They are digging up old newspapers.

    FBI agent.jpg
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  8. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    gary lie 2.jpg gary lie 3.jpg gary lie 3.jpg

    It appears Gary passed his polygraph.
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  9. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Wow! This guy might very well be innocent.
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  10. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    Tamron Hall is going to air a documentary in October about the case. Sheriff Todd and the DA refused to be interviewed.
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  11. TripleA

    TripleA Zoo Keeper

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