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FL DETRA MCGUIRE: Missing from Lake City, FL - 2 November 1988 - Age 23

Discussion in 'Missing 1980 to 1989' started by Jason Futch, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member

    Detra Renvictoria McGuire was last seen on November 2nd, 1988 leaving her residence to go to the grocery store with her child, 2-year-old Roshanda McGuire. Both went missing until later in the evening, when the body of Roshanda was found somewhere between US Hwys. 41 and 441. Detra has been missing since and is considered to be in danger. Detra was driving a 1988 Nissan Sentra at the time of her disappearance; which was found at the Ellisville Truck Stop in Ellisville with her contents untouched.

    The following information is from her NamUs profile (https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/13094/21)

    Name: Detra Renvictoria McGuire
    Missing: Nov. 2, 1988
    Age Missing: 23 Years Old (52 Years Old as of 11/9/17)
    Race/Sex: African American Female
    Hair: Black Shoulder-length
    Eye Color: Brown
    Scars/Marks: Mole on the left side of her neck
    Clothing: Blue Jeans w/ Stripe and Grey Shirt and pink bedroom slippers
    Agency Contact: Lt. Joe Lucas, Columbia County Sheriffs Office--386-758-1356
    CASE #: Columbia County 881103124

    NOTE: I am currently awaiting a police report for this case, so there may be some updates to this as soon as the report comes to me.

    Media - http://www.crimewatchers.net/forum/...8-leaving-her-residence-in-lake-city-fl.2806/
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  2. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member

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  3. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member

    I have also attached a possible timeline from a background check I did on her to see if there was any updates or information that could be provided. I show that Detra had a PO Box in Alachua, FL from the time she was 19 until 1995; when she would have been 30 years old. No other information can be found beyond that. I’m trying to find family members who may be willing to talk with me about her case while I wait for the incident report from CCSO.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member

    On Wednesday (11/15), I recieved an email from the Columbia County Sheriffs Office, and was supplied with several documents in regards to this missing persons case. This case is a bit more complex and heartbreaking than most readers and myself originally thought. When the death of a child, especially a two year old occurs, its always a sad thing; but when you read on, it gets more upsetting.
    I requested to reach out to Detra's family earlier this week for a series that I am planning to do on YouTube next year and they declined my request. After almost 30 years with no answer about Detra's whereabouts or who killed her child, they still suffer from the heartbreak and its a very sensitive subject still to this day. I was able to talk to some of her classmates, and they tell me about her. Here is the story that you will find ONLY on CrimeWatchers:

    Detra Renvictoria McGuire was a student at Columbia High School, Class of 1983; the same class that Kimberly Diane Leach was supposed to graduate before her brutal murder by Ted Bundy in the late 1970s. According to her fellow classmates, she was a very nice girl that never caused trouble and for the most part kept to herself. From the perspective of her class, she was going places. Tammy Crews, one of her classmates, said that she was always caring and always kind and was surprised by what happened to her in 1988.

    November 2nd, 1988. By this time, Detra was beyond finished with high school. Also between graduating high school and her disappearance, she had two children and a boyfriend by the name Elara Murphy. They were living at the Gatorwood Apartments off Huntsboro Street Rt. 13 in Lake City, along with her parents Haywood and Nora Ann. Detra resided in Apartment 63B and her parents lived in Apartment 68. Around 7:00PM on the 2nd, Detra took her child, 2-year-old Roshanda McGuire and went into town using Elara's 1988 2-door Nissan Sentra; which was black in color. After not coming home the next day, Detra's parents were notified by Elara that Detra and her child had not returned home and had used his car to go into town. Detra's parents responded by contacting the Sheriffs Office to file a missing persons report.

    Around 9:07 PM on the 2nd, a passerby on the Westbound lane of Interstate 10 (Mile Post 303) saw the body of a girl lying in the middle of traffic. She was taken to the side of the road and authorities were contacted. The child was rushed to Lake Shore Hospital by EMTs. Sgt. James Wells arrived at the hospital to observe the situation: A little girl with road rash, bruising, abrasions and scratches was lying on a hospital bed lifeless. He estimated the child to be about two years old, black and wearing only a pink sweater and diaper. She was taken care of and had no signs of child abuse. At 10:30PM, the child was declared dead and the Medical Examiners Office was contacted. Sgt. Wells took several photos of the child and had Combs Funeral Home (Lake City, FL) take her body to the Medical Examiners Office in Jacksonville, FL.
    The next day, as the autopsy of the child was underway, Sgt. Wells and Roger Lizotte of the Florida Dept. of Children and Families (then HRS) went to different nurseries and daycares to see if the child could be identified. This did not work out like they had hoped.
    About mid-afternoon on the 3rd, Dr. Jan Garavaglia (also known as Dr. G from Dr. G, Medical Examiner) contacted Sgt. Wells and talked about the findings. The child had no signs of child abuse or old broken bones. The official cause of death was separation of the spinal cord and a broken neck. No injuries were found on the lower portion of the body; most of the injuries were upper body. Sgt. Wells also advised Dr. G that they had no idea how she ended up on the road or who put her there; but it was obvious she had been thrown out based on her injuries.

    Shortly after his call from Dr. G, Det. Andy Holland of the CCSO notified Sgt. Wells that a missing persons report was filed at the Gatorwood Apartments and that a mother and her child were missing and that a possible auto theft may have occured. As soon as the call came in, Sgt Wells and Det. Holland reported to the apartments and met with Nora Ann and Haywood McGuire, who lived in Apt. 86. They had reported that their child Detra had been missing and she had taken her 2-year-old child with her. When they were told this, Det. Wells showed them the picture of the child and they were devestated: the child was 2-year-old Roshanda McGuire. A positive ID was made and confirmed after showing the child's photo to Elara Murphy, her boyfriend that lived with Detra and her children.
    They were not aware of where Detra was going, nor did they know what she was doing. However, the fact remained that Detra was still missing and so was the Nissan Sentra. The family told investigators that Detra was last seen wearing a pair of jeans (possibly grey or pinstriped) and possibly pink bedroom slippers. Investigators treated Detra's case as missing with foul play suspected considering her child was found dead. Elara reported

    At some point after the identity of the child and the report of the car being stolen, the vehicle turned up at the Ellisville Truck Stop in Ellisville, FL (Southern Columbia County). The car still had everything in it that belonged to both Detra and Elara. Currently, no other information was provided about the car other than that.

    Thanks to the cooperation with the CCSO, they have notified me that there was some recent activity on Detra's case and something has happened to bar other documents from being released; however this is enough information to get out to the public due to poor coverage and information online of this case.

    If you have any information on this case, call the Columbia County Sheriffs Office at 386-752-9212. What is everyone's thoughts on this?
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  5. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    This is so sad but I'm glad that this is another cold case that is becoming active. How anyone could do that to a 2 yr old child.
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  6. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member

    It’s a pretty sad situation. I’m wondering what the leads are. I’m gonna wait a few months before I request more info, as Mr. Auger suggested. I came across another name while in my hunt for info. Ill discuss it some more at another time.
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  7. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I added slippers to the tag line. That could be a great clue if she's a Jane Doe out there.

    Prayers for her family! They still grieve. Breaks my heart. :tears:
  8. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member

    Thanks Kim! I’m hoping I can at least tie her to a Jane Doe at some point if I can find one matching her stats. Right now I’m kind of looking into a lead in regards to her possible murder; however I’m not gonna try to get too involved in that. Playing CLUE in murder cases isn’t my cup of tea.

    I was able to get a full list of African American female UIDs from NamUs but so far, nothing matches.
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  9. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

  10. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member


    I was able to take some time researching possible UID cases in the area that could be linked to her. Right now, my short list is the following UIDs:

    NAMUS UP #13266- Human Cranium found in Columbia County 11/1/2001
    UP #758- Human Cranium Found in Duval County 04/10/1993
    UP# 7558- Human Skull with missing mandible 08/14/1999
    UP #860- Human Skeletal Remains Found in Burning House 12/10/1989

    Notice that I put case 860 in bold. So far, this looks like a close potential match to Detra considering the time frame and proximity to Columbia County, FL. I am sending in my finds to the MEO today, and will emphasize UP 860. Below, I have put the two photos side by side for public comparison.

  11. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    860 does look like a close match. Wish there was a front head shot of Detra.
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  12. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    What do you think about the cheekbones?
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  13. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    The high cheekbones are prevalent in both pictures.
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  14. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    That's what I thought, too. Let's cross our fingers!
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  15. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch Active Member

    Yeah those cheekbones look real close! Also the nose and eye features look a bit close too. I’ve been looking into the Doe’s case and notice she died days prior to the discovery. If this is Detra, what made her run off and (hypothetically speaking) killed her daughter?
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